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Environmental Responsibility

Brown Wood, Inc. is committed to responsible environmental policies and practices within our manufacturing process. The implementation of environmentally responsible processes and manufacturing techniques enables us to keep the protection of the environment and the conservation of our natural resources at the forefront of Brown Wood's corporate policy.


At Brown Wood, Inc.  we are committed to strengthening this environmental policy and we continuously strive to meet the following goals:

- Promote the protection and sustainability of forests and other natural resources through our supplier choices.
- Include environmentally friendly products and materials into our manufacturing processes where feasible.
- Comply with all environmental permits and regulations to protect land, water, and air quality.
- Use energy efficient techniques in our manufacturing processes where practical.
- Promote our environmental policies and practices to our employees.
- Promote within our company a reuse, recycle mentality.

Some of the practical steps that we are taking to show our commitment to our environment and to our natural resources within our facility are listed below:

- Electronic communications are used to limit the amount of printed materials
- Recycle and/or reuse cardboard and paper products.
- When practical rejected wood products are processed down to be used to manufacture other components.
- All rejected wood products that are not able to be used in the manufacturing of another component is used to heat our facility.
- All sawdust is recycled and used by local farmers as cattle bedding.

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