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Whether it is the work place, the store, or the home, wood is an essential element in virtually any location, adding aesthetic value, physical beauty, and inviting warmth with unparalleled utility and functionality that is impossible to achieve with any other material. Additionally, very few materials offer the function and value of wood for industrial applications such as tool handles, wedges or rollers, to name just a few.

Used by customers for centuries in almost every application and location, wood is unparalleled in its malleability, flexibility, and versatility. Fine wood is available in an almost endless variety of attractive species—each with their own colors and patterns, and any combination thereof—with any type of finish. Wood be machined to produce parts to fit any design or specification, regardless of complexity.

Additionally, wood is an ideal medium for creating low cost, utilitarian parts and components. As a precise, easily machined material, it has a myriad of engineering advantages over other materials, as well as providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly final product. Industries use wood where they require durability and utility, but with a stellar price and lead time.

As a custom manufacturer of custom wood products, Brown Wood Inc. has decades of experience helping companies across industries achieve final products of unmatched quality. Manufacturers, distributors and retailers in almost every industry and market have enlisted Brown Wood to offer the timeless performance, sustainability, and aesthetic beauty of fine wood.

Brown Wood’s products are regularly used in a variety of markets including:

Kitchen and Bath

Whenever any kitchen or bath space needs to be finished with a decorative or utilitarian element, Brown Wood can provide the finest solution to the exact specification of an architect, designer, or contractor. Our kitchen and bath products match the look and style you require, and can withstand the moisture and active usage of these important living spaces.

Brown Wood sotcks many items and can ship the same day. Custom items can ship as quickly as 2 weeks.

Store Fixtures

Brown Wood can produce store fixtures with any design or print, and manufacture any parts or components that cannot be produced efficiently in-house. Wooden store fixtures provide a positive aesthetic look, while also providing durability that will allow displays to be used and reused for years to come.

As a turnkey solution, we can work with veneers as well as solid materials to provide a completely finished product.

Product Displays

Brown Wood specializes in any point of purchase display such as tabletops and bases with any branding. The versatility of wood grain and finish heighten the look of the products being displayed, while also providing a strong base for promotion.

We use a diversity of wood species and finishes to achieve aesthetically pleasant displays that make your logo stand out.

Gifts and Premiums

Brown Wood takes great pride in providing above-furniture-grade solutions for gift and premium products. Whether it’s a decorative clock base, or even wholly unique salt and pepper shakers, we have produced one-of a kind products to meet our customer’s desire and vision.

We can achieve precise tolerances and create fittings and openings to the exact dimensions of your product, and also provide branding and decorating through laser engraving, embossing, silk screening and imprinting – we can make it look exactly how you want.


Brown Wood provides an endless variety of custom component to furniture manufacturers across the country, even filling modest order quantities as well as replacement parts. Brown wood furniture and furniture components can range from traditional to modern aesthetic, but are all durable and cost effective. 

Our lead times are far shorter than overseas manufacturers.


Brown Wood can work with contractors to create high-end wooden products for a range of locations such as extended care facilities,, luxury hotels and restaurants, and even college dorms that can stand up to any type of usage. A high quality piece created by Brown Wood, is cost efficient, and can be used in a variety of situations for many years.

We can create the exact look, feel, and design from fine wood with any branding or logo.

Ad Specialty/Promotional Items

Brown Wood works with designers and contractor to create any promotional item for ad campaigns. These are unique pieces, showing your customers who you are in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and won’t break the bank.

Our products are a cost-effective solution for producing large-scale advertising items that consumers will hold on to, with your logo prominently displayed.


Wood has long been cherished for its superior performance and beautiful, inviting aesthetics that command attention and draw every eye. At Brown Wood, we can help you achieve the same timeless quality and incomparable value in all of your products.


Contact Brown Wood today and tell us how we can help you target your market.