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Success Stories

Brown Wood works collaboratively with you to help realize your vision.  Here are some examples of how we have partnered with companies in a diverse industries to deliver custom wood solutions:


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success stories

Product Display

A large winery contracted with a display company to manufacture a rustic wine press exhibit.


The completed exhibit was needed in just 10 days, but the display company lacked the manufacturing capabilities to produce three of the components.


Brown Wood supplied three unique, complex turnings in only 4 days, enabling the display company to complete and deliver the wine press exhibit on time.  


Store Fixture

A store fixture manufacturer had built an important client relationship with a major retailer through years of superior service.


The manufacturer was experiencing consistent downward price pressure from the retailer, eroding profit margins.


Brown Wood reviewed the manufacturer’s plans and drawings, ultimately providing recommendations for re-engineering, finishing substitutions and process improvements.  Taking these actions helped reduce component costs by 30%, preserving profit margins.



A large office manufacturer had been sourcing a wood leg with a unique pattern from a South American supplier to produce a popular desk product.


An order of 1000 legs from another supplier failed to ship, leaving the manufacturer high and dry to fulfill its orders.


Within 10 days of receiving the manufacturer’s inquiry, Brown Wood was able to duplicate the leg pattern, match the paint on the item and electrostatically finish more than 1000 legs.  The legs were shipped in individual polybags and arrived in time for shipment of the desk assembly.


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