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Custom Industrial, OEM and Specialty Items

Brown Wood custom produces wood components that address a variety of OEM needs and requirements. From bearings, bungs and bushings to cores, dowels, plugs, turnings and wedges, custom wood components have an application in a wide range of industrial and specialty products, and across a variety of markets. We use exceptional construction techniques plus a vast selection of materials, secondary operations, finishes and assembly and packaging capabilities to create the product you envision.

Brown Wood's specialists are masters at woodworking, with the ability to produce well-crafted industrial parts every time. Our wood components are suitable and approved for various industrial purposes including brake blocks, tension rollers, sweeper rollers, bentwood and gaskets. With Brown Wood, we ensure that our products are consistently reliable and manufactured to your tight tolerances. Based on your specifications, we will accommodate any type of specialty woodworking need whether it is for industrial or commercial use. All of our industrial products are cost effective and are items that will add value to its intended use.

Our selection of industrial and specialty items doesn't end here. To find out about our other custom industrial items, contact us at 1.800.328.5858. You can also submit a short form to inquire about your needs and to request a quote.

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