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Axe Handles

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Do you need unique, custom made wood axe handles? Then we are the right people to talk to! Our custom woodworking capabilities enable us to make any size or shape handle to fit any type of axe head. Or, do you need an axe handle in a standard size and shape? Working in all types of wood species, we have the custom manufacturing capabilities to produce handles that are strong, functional and durable.

Just tell us what you need and our expert woodworking professionals will work with you to produce an axe handle in the appropriate wood and finish. We make handles for heads that are designed for firefighting, chopping and splitting wood, tree felling, hewing, or climbing. These tools work under extreme conditions and our handles are built to make these tools efficient and durable.

 Our production methods ensure that our axe handles will not split or splinter and will hold up even with heavy use. Any length, shape, and diameter in curved or straight can be produced and we offer a wide range of secondary operations. 

To learn more about our custom wood axe handle capabilities, contact us today!

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