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Broom Handles

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 We are a custom manufacturer of all types of wood components such as broom handles. We have the capabilities to produce any type of broom handle you require.  Whether you require handles for indoor brooms, shop brooms, push brooms, classic straw brooms we’ll create a handle to fit your needs.

The broom has come a long way from its simplest form: a bunch of fibers tied onto a stick. Nowadays, the broom head takes many shapes but still has one constant: the stick. It is this handle that makes the broom work as a sweeper so why not trust in a manufacturer with years of experience in making high-quality broom handles? We provide broom handles for any size or shape of broom head from light duty upright household brooms to industrial, heavy duty push brooms.

Our experience and knowledge brings a higher level of manufacturing expertise to every project. We offer a wide selection of woods to choose from with a full complement of finishing options. Handles can be made in any wood, length, and diameter with a variety of tip options such as threaded, tapered or tenoned. Handles would work well with any type of broom head, will not splinter, and are made to hold up for years of reliable service.

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