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File Handles

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 We have the capabilities and services to manufacture file handles to meet your exact specifications and needs. As the leading custom wood parts manufacturer in the industry, we will easily be able to accommodate any request or unique file handle requirements.

Files are used in the metalworking and woodworking industries to remove small amounts of material. These precise hand tools have a cutting surface inserted into a handle. We make file handles to be comfortable in the hand and strong to tightly hold the cutting head for accurate and safe filing. Also known as a rasp, files are an integral tool for squaring ends, rounding corners, removing burrs, and straightening uneven edges.

We supply handles that will fit any type of file. Handles are made to exact specifications and will be produced with all necessary secondary operations, such as drilling, notching, or adding a metal collar so that the file head can be attached. Our large selection of wood species give you many options. We offer finishing options that include paint, stain or powder coating. When you work with us, you are guaranteed a finished product that is of the highest quality and value.

Our industry-leading manufacturing capabilities and services provide you with wood components that will exceed your expectations. Contact us for more details. 

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