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Float Handles

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 Wooden float handles are preferred by many contractors for their comfort and durability. If you need custom made, high quality float handles, you have come to the right provider.

Masons use a concrete float to finish the surface and make it smooth. Floats can be small hand tools or lager tools with a longer handle. Carpenters also use a floats to smooth out the surface wood. No matter what the tool is used for, we have the capabilities to produce a float handle that will make the float work easily and comfortable.

Our capabilities enable us to manufacture handles that are to your exact specifications. We guarantee that handles will serve as outstanding handles for new float assemblies or as replacement handles. You specify the requirements (wood, dimensions, secondary operations, finish) and we will supply you with the highest quality handles. Our value cannot be beat.

We are leaders in custom components and can make anything in wood. Talk to us today to learn about our capabilities and services for all your float handle needs.

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