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Putty Knife Handles and Scales

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 We make putty knife handles and scales to order and provide the highest quality in the industry. We provide custom capabilities and services to manufacture handles that will exceed your expectations.

With a wide variety of sizes and shapes of putty knives available today, our custom woodworking capabilities enable us to make handles in any shape or size. We’ll drill, counterbore and slot to your exact dimensions and hold tight tolerances. From DIYers to contractors, the putty knife is used for scraping and spreading materials. A putty knife handle that is well constructed offers the user comfort and safety.

Handles can be produced from any of our large selection of hard or soft woods and finished with stain, paint or polyurethane. Our handle scales are found on the highest quality putty knives because contractors and manufacturers understand the value of an outstanding tool that will last for years. We provide accurate slotting and drilling operations for accurate insertion of the blade and rivet assembly.

Whatever type of putty knife handles and scales you need, we are the company to supply you with handles that are made from the high-quality materials and exceptional manufacturing capabilities and services. Learn why we are the best provider in both quality and service.

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