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Striking Tool Handles

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 Striking tool handles are custom manufactured to meet the exact needs of each of your projects. We make handles designed for sledges, hammers, axes, picks, hatchets, or any other type of tool. Our handles are of the highest quality to withstand repeated stress and pounding.

There are many different types of tools that fall into the category of striking tools. Though they may have very different heads with different applications, they all need a sturdy handle to provide the leverage and force required for the correct outcome. The handles we produce are sturdy, strong, and reliable for sledgehammers, axes, and picks to perform the intended action. You can trust out handles to safely swing theses heavy tools for years to come.

Using only top-quality woods like ash, oak or hickory; And, of course we’ll make a handle to your specifications in any shape or size. Working from your specifications, we produce striking tool handles that are strong and durable, comfortable, and long lasting. We offer a wide range of finishes and secondary operations including threading and tenoning. Our striking tool handles are guaranteed not to splinter or shatter and will perform well for years.

Top quality striking tool handles are just one of the many custom manufacturing capabilities available at Brown Wood. Give us a call for more details.

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