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Trowel Handles

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 We offer complete trowel handle manufacturing capabilities and services. Professionals prefer wood handles because they are comfortable in the hand and let the user feel confident in the grip. We manufacture to spec and offer outstanding value.

No matter what size or shape trowel you need a handle for, we can manufacture exactly what you need. Trowels are indispensable garden tools that are relied upon year after year. Gardeners and agricultural professional alike expect their tools to hold up well in wet, sunny, hot and cold conditions throughout the years. When a trowel has a handle made by us, you can expect the tool to be ready for use year after year.

Handles can be made from any of our large selection of woods and finishes to withstand outdoor elements and heavy use. Our top-quality products won’t split, crack, or splinter and are manufactured to any length and diameter. Trowels are used by many trades and our handles are crafted to meet the needs of any industry. Secondary services include countersinking holes, ferruling, and laser engraving for personalization.  If you are looking for handles for cathole trowels, bricklayer’s trowels, masonry trowels, finishing trowels, pool trowels, margin trowels, notched trowels, or palette trowels, we can fabricate them for you.

If you need reliable and durably crafted wood trowel handles, we are the right company to partner with. Our outstanding capabilities help you complete any project with added value and services. Contact us for more detailed information.

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