We’ve been working hard at Designs of Distinction to bring more high-quality furniture components to the market. Cue, bun feet with pre-installed 5/16″-18 hanger bolts.

As usual, our bun feet with hanger bolts will come unfinished & hand-sanded to perfection – ready to stain or paint right out of the box.

Uses for Bun Feet with Hanger Bolts

Bun Feet with Bolts can be used to replace old & worn out bun feet or update bun feet your chosen furniture piece – whether that’s an ottoman, sofa, wardrobe, or vanity.

The 5/16″-18 bolts we’ve installed will fit most big-box furniture. Looking for the metric conversion? The 5/16″-18 bolt will fit European furniture with M8 screws.

For reference:

How to Install Bun Feet with Hanger Bolts

Installing Bun Feet with Bolts is simple. We suggest one of these two ways.

1. Use a mounting plate. We have 3 kinds of mounting plates to choose from – straight, 11-degree angle, and heavy-duty. See our mounting plates here.

Install mounting plate(s).

Mounting plates, also known as top plates or furniture attachment plates, screw into your furniture piece. Then, screw the bun foot into the mounting plate.

2. Use a T-nut (stronger) or a retainer nut (strong). T-nuts & retainer nuts can be found at your local hardware store. Screw the bun foot into the T-nut and voila!

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