.75″ Multi-Crimp Single Diamond Decorative Grille w/Welded Rosettes – Antique Brass R332P

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  • Finely crafted in the USA using superior steel wire, hand crimped and woven to create decorative grille designs.
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We’ve exapnded our Cut-to-Size Decorative Grille Program to meet popular industry trends, and we now offer cut-to-size Grilles with welded Rosettes!

Our .75″ Multi-Crimp Single Diamond Wire Mesh is hand-woven and press crimped from .080″ round wire. Rosettes are welded to every other crossover. After welding, the Grille & Rosettes are finished at the same time, ensuring a smooth & uniform finish.

We stock Decorative Grilles in 36″ W x 48″ L sheets, and cut-to-size based on your specifications. Decorative Grilles can be cleaned easily with any non-ammonia based cleaner.

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