Shelf Pin

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  • Made of solid metal and finished in natural aluminum or titanium.
  • A pair can securely support a combined weight of 16 pounds with properly installation.

Accessorize your new Il Pannello Pin Panel and create more room in your home with our shelf pins. One set of pins can safely hold a shelf of up to 16 pounds of combined weight – when properly installed. Pins extend 5.6” from the panel and allow for versatility in shelf depth. They are available in natural aluminum or titanium and can be mixed and matched other pin components. Equip with glass, wood and plastic shelf boards and get your home organized.

  • Includes anchor bolt and gasket for easy installation onto Il Pannello Pin Panel.
  • Equipped with rubber gaskets on the stem to protect shelf from moving.
  • Will be available soon. Preorder today!
  • Country of Origin: Italy

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