Wine Pin Set (Pack of 6)

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  • Pack includes six pairs of pins, which are treated to have a non-slip surface.
  • Our Mounting Channels are required for proper installation and are sold separately.
  • Each pair of pins can securely hold a bottle of up to 7.5 pounds when properly installed.
  • See our full Il Pannello Collection here!

Accessorize your home and organize your wine collection with our new Il Pannello Wine Pin Set. These pins are designed to securely keep wine in place – with a non-slip surface treatment and rounded indentation. They can easily be mounted onto metal channels in an offset position to fit the shape of the bottle. A pair of pins can securely hold a bottle of up to 7.5 pounds. You can even attach two pins together to hold more bottles. They’re available in a pack of six pairs and in a natural aluminum or titanium finish.

  • Pins can be mounted into an offset position to assure your wine remains safe.
  • Attach two pins together to securely hold more bottles.
  • Each pin includes an anchor bolt, gasket, bracket, connection pin and cap.
  • Country of Origin: Italy

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