Q) Does Made-to-Spec carry any industrial parts or products such as boxes, handles or dowels in inventory?

A) No, MTS produces industrial parts and components to the specifications you provide to MTS.

Q) Does MTS have any products in inventory available for immediate shipment?

A) Yes, its division, Designs-of-Distinction® carries a full line of decorative wood and metal columns, corbels, brackets, bunn feet and appliques available to ship the day you order. Follow this link to see our full line of kitchen, bath and furniture components.

Q) Does MTS have any standard or stock parts or components such as boxes, handles, bases or dowels that can be produced for me on a made to order basis?

A) No, all industrial parts and components are produced to the specifications you provided to BWI.

Q) I see a picture of a part on this website that I really like, can MTS make it for me?

A) Yes, but you will need to provide the specifications of the part you would like to MTS. The parts pictured on this website are for illustrative purposes only.  The unique designs and specifications of industrial parts produced by MTS are generally not available for reproduction by others.

Q) So, if I see an industrial part on this website or elsewhere on the internet that I like, how can I purchase it? 

A) MTS will be happy to work with you to create the part you need based on any image on our website or elsewhere.

Q) What do I need to provide to MTS to get the cost of an industrial part that I would like to have made?

A) MTS can provide pricing to you of any wood part as long as you provide the following:

  • A sample, picture, drawing or rough sketch of the part;
  • The dimensions of the part including the length, width and height or the diameter and length;
  • The wood species you would like MTS to provide;
  • Any finish such as staining or painting that you would like;
  • Any additional value added operations you would like MTS to provide such as: imprinting, assembly, packaging or drop shipping;
  • The quantity or range of quantities you would like MTS to price;
  • If requested by MTS, a resale tax ID.

Q) How long does it take to get pricing on a custom part from MTS?

A) Generally, we do our best to provide pricing to you within 24 to 48 hours after we receive specifications.

Q) What are the minimum order quantities for Made to Spec parts?

A) For most industrial parts, the minimum order is 25-50 pieces. However, depending on the part, MTS may accept orders for as few as 1 piece or require at least 1000 pieces.

Q) How long will it take MTS to ship my order?

A) Depending on the part and quantity ordered, lead time may run from 2 weeks to 8 weeks after receipt of your order.

Q) Will MTS provide a prototype or sample of the part I want?

A) Yes, usually we can provide a sample prior to running production. Generally, however, orders for prototypes are only accepted by MTS in connection with an order for a production quantity. Prototypes generally will be subject to a setup charges or tooling charges in addition to the regular run charge.

Q) I understand that MTS is an American manufacturer, do you also provide imported parts?

A) Yes, MTS has long term relationships with Canadian and Asian wood products companies.

Q) Before submitting the details of the product I would like MTS to price, I would like to obtain a nondisclosure agreement from MTS.  Will MTS execute an NDA?

A) Depending on the language of the proposed agreement, MTS will generally be happy to sign an NDA.

Q) I understand that MTS works exclusively with other businesses and does not sell to individuals or end users.  I plan to start a business but would like to get pricing before I start my business.  Will MTS provide pricing to me?

A) Yes. However, MTS will not accept an order without documentation that establishes the existence of a business entity that resells the parts we provide.

Q) How many types of wood joints are they and what is the difference between them?

A) There are 13 types of wood joints. This is a great resource to learn more about wood joints.

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