Custom Wood Cannabis Boxes

Custom Wood Cannabis Boxes

Brown Wood offers high-quality, custom wood cannabis boxes manufactured in a variety of wood species and finishes to suit your business’s needs. Our wood boxes are ideal for providing a secure and controlled environment to preserve the freshness of your customers’ cannabis stash.

We can provide weed storage boxes that are equipped with a humidistat to monitor moisture and constructed to minimize airflow. Although Spanish cedar is commonly used in the storage of tobacco products, this wood species isn’t ideal for cannabis storage as it could taint the flavor of the cannabis. Instead, we offer a variety of wood species for the interior and exterior of your cannabis storage boxes including mahogany, hard maple, cherry and white oak. These species are unscented and porous, absorbing moisture to keep marijuana potent and aromatic.

Easily customize the layout of your cannabis boxes to accommodate various accessories. Add divided sections so that your customers can keep their cannabis strains separate and safely store their pipe and grinder.  You can also design your stash boxes to accommodate a rolling tray and further personalize it by screening or lasering on a design of your choice. Provide security by adding a lock.

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