Hitter Boxes

Hitter Boxes

Brown Wood manufactures custom wood dugouts also known as hitter boxes or taster boxes; these are two-chambered wooden boxes that are extremely convenient for toking while out and about. They have a chamber for ground up herb and a separate chamber for a small one-hitter pipe. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, wood species and finishes to meet your business’ needs. Simply provide us with your desired specifications and we can create eye-catching products to match your requirements. Don’t have a concept in mind? We’ll work with you to envision, design and produce wood hitter boxes that achieve your vision.

Hitter boxes are a convenient solution for smoking on the go. Our wood dugouts are lightweight and compact so they can easily fit in a pocket or purse. They feature two chambers – one spring-loaded chamber for your one-hitter and another for weed stash storage. Choose from twisting or sliding lids depending on your preference and ease of use requirement. We find the twisting lids are the perfect fit for those with arthritis or those with limited mobility.
We can create hitter boxes in any size to meet your needs. Request a smaller size for portability or a larger size for increased storage. Choose from a traditional rectangular shape or modern curved design. With our lasering, screening and pad printing capabilities, you can easily customize your products to feature an image or logo.

Types of Wood

Choose from a variety of wood species to create your custom wood hitter box. Our products are manufactured in the United States using sustainable, locally grown and harvested hardwoods such as:

• Black Walnut
• Hard Maple
• Cherry
• Birch
• Alder
• Beech

If you want to go a step beyond the classic look of a natural finish, we also offer food safe oils and waxes to complement the look of your products and extend their life.

Why Choose Made to Spec by Brown Wood

For over 90 years, we’ve manufactured high-quality wood items for use in a variety of industries. We’ll work with you to create top-notch, customized solutions for your needs. We offer clear pricing and short lead times. Request a quote for custom wood dugouts today!

Create Your Hitter Boxes

Please select your desired wood species and finish below. If you’re not sure yet, you can select the “I’m Not Sure” option for each section. If you have a drawing or sketch of the product, please attach it below.

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