Wood Music Items

Wood Music Items

Manufacturers and wholesalers of craft products, musical instruments, souvenirs, novelties and collectibles are Brown Wood’s valuable partners. We custom produce wood shapes, components and finished, assembled items that are unique, high quality and cost effective. We use various different construction techniques, while offering a wide range of materials and finishes to design products to your exact specifications. Our wood craft products are ideal for any manufacturer or wholesaler within the industry. We offer top notch products that are precisely crafted to suit your needs so that you can supply a unique, high quality product. All of our craft products are durable as well as functional to guarantee your satisfaction. Whether it is a frame, dowel, candle, or collectible, Brown Wood ensures that our experts give you a distinctive quality item every time. Brown Wood is a valued partner to manufacturers and wholesalers of sporting goods, games and toys. We custom produce wood toy parts and game pieces that bring new and familiar products to market, such as wood wheels, pawns, trains and car parts.

We supply custom wood components for popular sports equipment such as fishing lures, billiard’s triangles, croquet balls and jump rope handles. We use exceptional construction techniques plus a wide range of materials, secondary operations, finishes and packaging capabilities to create your ideal product.

Our wood sporting goods components and game pieces are manufactured to your exact specifications in various sizes, shapes and finishes to suit all of your gaming needs. Our custom wooden game and sport components are high quality and well crafted guaranteeing that your products are both unique and trustworthy.

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