The Green Line: Custom Cannabis Accessories

The Green Line: Custom Cannabis Accessories

Brown Wood, Inc. specializes in custom wood products for the cannabis industry. We have experience manufacturing pipes, bowls, rolling trays, stash jars, hitter boxes, jar lids, cannabis humidors and more! We’d love to work with you to create the perfect smoking accessories for your customers.

Whether your preferred method of consumption is vaping, smoking or consuming edibles we are the premier source for the high-end consumer.
For the traditional tokers that prefer to smoke the flower via joints, spiffs and blunts we offer holder pens to keep the smoke away from your face and hands. This significantly reduces the smoker scent you carry on your body. Maybe you prefer to smoke your bud from a traditional pipe, bowl, bong, dome or dugouts…we have them as well.
Are you into vaping? We offer wooden sleeves and tubes to conceal the ever-familiar device. Just send us the model number and brand for a quote.

Many find they prefer to use several different types of delivery methods. If you are one of them you’ll need somewhere to put it all. We have specialized locking herb boxes to keep all your paraphernalia in one secure location.

We’ve developed specific products for the BOOMER GENERATION

• These pipes, bowls and bongs are designed to conform to the shape of the hand, we also use a non-slip textured finish, both of which are designed for Arthritic hands. No more fumbling or dropping your product on the ground. These items are larger in size so they are easier to hold, they are also longer in length to keep the flame and bowl away from your face so it’s easier to see and to light. No more trying to look under your glasses just to see a fuzzy bowl.
• Also available is an “air-assisted” unit that can be fitted to most of our existing products. This unit creates airflow through the pipe and into the lungs for easy trouble-free toking.
For the DO IT YOURSELFER’S out there we offer many types of complete kits like boxes, pipes and bongs requiring assembly and finishing. What’s your favorite wood species? We have it.

REUSE, REPURPOSE AND RECYCLE is crucial to our environment and we like to do our part.

• Do you still have your first skateboard? Don’t want to throw it because you have so many memories with it? Send it to us and we’ll make a pipe or bowl out of it.
• Do you have a baseball bat that has sentimental value but it’s just too hard to display a bat somewhere without it being in the way? We can turn the handle into a pipe that fits into the barrel of the bat while acting as a cover for the concealed flower storage area. Now you have a 10” tall desk piece that not only brings back fond memories but also gives you a place to story your favorite product.

• Glass – cold, slippery and it looks like you’re smoking something illegal like meth.
• Wood – warm, easy to hold and it looks like you’re holding a work of art. Go with a work of art.

To create custom wood smoking accessories, simply provide us with your desired specifications and we’ll do the rest. Don’t have a design in mind? Our experienced team will work with you to create the perfect solution for your business’ needs.

Our custom wood cannabis products are manufactured in the USA using sustainable, locally grown and harvested hardwoods such as:

• White or Red Oak
• Black Walnut
• Hard Maple
• Cherry
• And more

Choose from several finishes to complete the look of your products. We also offer food-safe oils and waxes to protect and preserve your wood products.

Easily add a logo or custom image to your wood cannabis accessories by utilizing our lasering, screening and pad printing capabilities.
We’ve manufactured high-quality wood products for over 90 years. We’ll work with you to envision, design and product custom wood smoking accessories to meet your needs. We offer clear pricing and short lead times. Browse our selection of products for the cannabis industry and request a quote today.

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