7/8″ Designer DripEdge®

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  • Manufactured from anodized aluminum in the U.S.A.
  • Perfect to protect waste-can pull outs and any other cabinet doors.
  • Includes pre-attached UHB tape for easy installation. Instructions and spec drawings available in the downloads section.

Protect your cabinetry and add a subtle decorative touch to your kitchen with our Designer DripEdge®.
We designed it to for waste-can pull outs, but it can go on cabinet door you’d like to add an extra layer of protection to. We’ve added eight length options to fit a variety of different door sizes, ranging from 12.75” L all the way up to 23.50” L. It comes with pre-applied UHB (ultra-high bond) tape that’s ready to apply with a simple peel. It has a slight overhang to allow for easy cleanup of spills and messes without any damage to your cabinetry. The anodized aluminum finish means it won’t chip, peel or corrode. It’s available in brushed aluminum, satin brass and flat black.

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