Houzz Tour: Playful Modern Makeover for a 1950 Bungalow (15 photos)

Photographers Ivan Feign and Kat Phillips knew their 1950 bungalow in the Westside Los Angeles neighborhood of Mar Vista wasn’t working for them. The layout was funky and they wanted to have space for their photo work. Turning to Houzz, they found Lewis / Schoeplein Architects to transform their home....

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10 Pretty Container Gardens in Pastel Hues (11 photos)

With a lovely springlike palette of rose pinks, lavender, blue, yellow and white, these containers capture the beauty and freshness of the season. Whether you’re hunting for ideas for Easter decorating or just hoping to admire some beautiful spring blooms, take a look at these 10 ideas for potted arrangements....

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My Houzz: ‘Empire’ Star Taraji P. Henson Gives Stepmom a Remodel (15 photos)

One thing that guides actress Taraji P. Henson through life is something her late father used to say to her: “If you have been blessed, then it is your duty to go out into the world and be a blessing.”
The Golden Globe-winning actress known for her roles in the TV series

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Pros Share Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Finishes They Love Right Now (10 photos)

Finding the right hardware finish for your kitchen cabinets is every bit as important as selecting the cabinets’ style, stain or color. Depending on your selection, cabinet hardware can serve as a bold accent piece or virtually disappear into the background.
We asked established kitchen designers...

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Yard of the Week: Inviting Space for Family, Friends and Wildlife (12 photos)

A Somerville, Massachusetts, family’s existing backyard — basically an asphalt parking lot — wasn’t cutting it. The homeowners wanted to be able to relax with friends outside, encourage wildlife to visit their garden and create a welcoming, comfortable space for...

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New This Week: 5 Beautiful Bathrooms With a Shower-Tub Combo (5 photos)

There are many benefits of having a shower-tub combo in a family or guest bathroom. Combining the functions saves space, of course, but it also ensures flexibility for small kids, teenagers, guests and even future homebuyers. Here, five small bathrooms with a shower-tub combo showcase a range of ideas...

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How to Create a Joyful, Clutter-Free Bedroom (9 photos)

Imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing clear, clean surfaces. The bedcovers are smooth and inviting, the pillows are plumped, and on your nightstand is nothing but a vase of fresh flowers, a candle, a cup of herbal tea and your journal and pen. Any clothing has been easily put away because it fits...

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Kitchen of the Week: Tailored Style With White and Wood Elements (11 photos)

These homeowners were happy with the Colonial-style home they built in 2000. But 20 years later, they felt it was time to update the kitchen’s aging appliances, dark granite countertops, imposing wood cabinets and G-shaped layout that wasted too much space. They hired designer Amanda Ortendahl and Maynard...

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To-Dos: Your May Home Checklist (9 photos)

With Memorial Day coming up, there is plenty of incentive to get those outdoor spaces ready to enjoy. From scheduling house painting to organizing your outdoor cooking tools, tick these 12 items off your to-do list so you can get to the good stuff: hanging out around the grill, kicking back on the porch...

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Before and After: New Mudroom Helps a Family Get Organized (11 photos)

This family had a long list of rooms they wanted to remodel and had been working on it with interior designer Jeanna Letzring for awhile. “The mudroom was way down the list. But once their daughter started elementary school, the shuffle through this space to the garage ramped up. They had a greater...

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What to Do After Spring Bulbs Have Bloomed (13 photos)

Once flowers and foliage fade on daffodils, tulips and other spring-blooming bulbs, do you leave them in the ground or dig them up? In short, it depends on bulb variety and whether you’re treating the bulbs as annual...

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Bathroom of the Week: Fresh Style and an Airy Layout (13 photos)

After 27 years of living with carpet on their master bathroom floor, Mike and Janet Bryant had had enough. “I couldn’t stand it any longer,” Janet says. “I had retired, and we had been putting it off, and I finally had time to work on this project.”
The carpet was the most significant source of...

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Step Inside a Designer’s Colorful Home Full of Fun Surprises (2 photos)

In this episode of Houzz TV Live, designer Lindsey Jamison of Rumor Design + reDesign gives a virtual tour of several lively spaces in her Steamboat Springs, Colorado, home. In the kitchen,...

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The 4 Stages of a Remodel: The Midproject Crisis (6 photos)

We recently covered the ins and outs of what I refer to as the Honeymoon Phase of construction. Next up is a stage similar to a concept most everyone is familiar with: the Midlife Crisis. (Whether...

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Houzz Tour: Townhouse in a 19th-Century Dairy Redesigned (26 photos)

When this couple returned home to Toronto after a decade-long stint in the Middle East, they were ready to give their townhouse a refresh. Their unique home is located in a 19th-century dairy building in the city’s Riverdale District. The dairy had been converted into three three-story townhouses during...

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9 White-and-Yellow Paint Color Pairings to Consider (18 photos)

I often recommend bold, vivid colors in a home, and yellow is one of my favorites. Most people use it in small doses, as an accent that pops against mostly white walls or other features. So a question I typically get is, what is the best white to pair with a bold yellow? Here I gathered inspiration photos...

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How to Create Privacy in Your Yard With Plants and Structures (12 photos)

If you feel exposed in your outdoor space, or simply crave a sense of seclusion, there are plenty of ways to tackle the issue, depending on what you’d like to screen out and the setting and size of your garden.
From planting tall or dense foliage to erecting strategic decorative screens or adding...

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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers for Good (18 photos)

Getting your kitchen storage organized and working well is very satisfying, but it can be hard to know where to begin — especially if you’ve been using your kitchen for awhile and are used to its quirks. To help, here’s a quick guide to the best ways to organize your kitchen cabinets and...

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The Most Productive Fruits, Veggies and Herbs to Plant Right Now (15 photos)

There’s really never been a better time to grow your own fruits, veggies and herbs. While small kitchen gardens won’t necessarily provide enough produce to meet all of your fruit and vegetable needs, they will certainly help add interest and variety to each meal — even if that’s just a few snips of fresh...

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Patio of the Week: Resort-Inspired Backyard and Pool (10 photos)

A young family of three wanted a backyard that could meet its outdoor living needs and better suit its lifestyle — as well as offer a cooling respite from the Arizona heat. “When we were brought in on the project, the backyard was nothing but grass and some perimeter trees,” designer Kaitlyn Wolfe says.

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Houzz Tour: Art Deco Influences With a Global Touch (16 photos)

After an extensive process in which she thoroughly gets to know her clients, interior designer Lisa Tharp had this couple’s likes, interests and the way they wanted to feel in their home down pat. “My clients are such fascinating people. They are curious, academic and passionate about so many subjects,”...

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New This Week: 5 Stylish Single-Sink Bathroom Vanity Areas (5 photos)

When you think about how much time you or your guests spend at a bathroom vanity, you realize it’s an area worthy of some careful thought and planning. Vanity type, cabinet hardware, storage considerations, paint color, countertop material, backsplash style, mirror choices, lighting options — it’s a...

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How to Design a Kitchen That’s Easy to Clean (10 photos)

The kitchen tends to be the room in our home that needs the most cleaning. The good news is that, with a little planning, you can have a design that makes cleaning a breeze and allows you to spend less time mopping and more time enjoying your space. Check out these expert tips from Eva Byrne of Houseology;...

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Kitchen of the Week: Refaced Cabinets Lighten Up the Room (13 photos)

Busy working parents Karen and Dan Czajkowski had always dreamed of renovating their kitchen. But they were sure they would have to expand its 120-square-foot footprint to have it function the way their family needed it to. Then designer Suzi Dia showed them what refacing their existing...

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7 Tips for Designing Your Bedroom (10 photos)

Have you ever been in a room that just feels right? Nine times out of 10, it’s because it has a simple design that functions well. But creating a simple design is harder than it looks — particularly in bedrooms.
Why? Because every bedroom absolutely has to have a bed in it. And beds...

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How to Declutter and Organize Your Things When Downsizing (10 photos)

When it comes to downsizing space, moving may not be as simple as just packing everything in boxes and unpacking them at your new home. Moving in any situation can be overwhelming. But if the new space is smaller or the room configurations aren’t the same as in your current home, it will take some planning...

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When and How to Plant a Tree, and Why You Should (12 photos)

Trees are vital to our landscape, providing beauty and welcome shade. They also offer environmental benefits, such as cleaning the air, attracting wildlife and reducing energy costs when planted near our homes. Many trees have other bonuses, such as colorful flowers, delicious fruit and nuts, and in...

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Bathroom of the Week: Big Style in Less Than 43 Square Feet (5 photos)

It’s helpful to look at large aspirational bathrooms full of luxurious touches for inspiration. But many homeowners are dealing with compact bathrooms and limited budgets. That was the case for this Toronto couple, who had a dated 42½-square-foot hall bathroom. Interior designer Ketty Khuong gave it...

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Tour a Designer’s Beautiful Low-Maintenance Kitchen (one photo)

In this episode of Houzz TV Live, Jennifer Kizzee gives a virtual tour of her renovated kitchen in Houston. Kizzee, who has young kids, embraced a low-maintenance strategy by using...

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The 4 Stages of a Remodel: The Honeymoon Phase (5 photos)

As with anything in life, a remodeling project can come with its ups and downs. Certain phases seem to go a mile a minute, while others feel like they’ve lasted a lifetime and a half, all while it looks as though nothing is being completed. Fear not — this is pretty typical. And, while every project...

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Apr. 7, 2020

New Decorative Metal Accents for Tried-and-True Mouldings

Mouldings have been a Designs of Distinction ® product for decades. We offer mouldings in various sizes & styles – ranging from decorative Base Mouldings to Crown Mouldings, to Light Ready Light Rail Mouldings ® . We’ve introduced dozens of hardwood moulding insert designs – including inserts like Bijou, Infinity, and Baroque, and Classic Revival. […]

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Apr. 2, 2020

Brass Gallery Rail – your guide to an inexpensive way to update your Kitchen & Bath

Our new Brass Gallery Rail components provide an inexpensive way to achieve a luxury look. Manufactured from solid polished brass, you are able to completely customize how you want your new Gallery Rail to look, and where you want to install it. Versatile Design & Style The Brass Gallery Rail can fit almost any design […]

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Apr. 1, 2020

New Bun Feet!

We’ve been working hard at Designs of Distinction to bring more high-quality furniture components to the market. Cue, bun feet with pre-installed 5/16″-18 hanger bolts. As usual, our bun feet with hanger bolts will come unfinished & hand-sanded to perfection – ready to stain or paint right out of the box. Uses for Bun Feet […]

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Mar. 25, 2019

Small Spaces: Unique Uses of Wood Brackets

When you live in a small urban apartment, like me, often times the apartment does not come with much overhead lighting, and if it does come with overhead lighting, it’s overbearing fluorescent light from the 70’s that provides no ambience or hygge.

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Jul. 4, 2018

New Cut-to-Size Decorative Grille Program!

Take advantage of Designs of Distinction’s cut-to-size decorative grille program! No minimums and quick-ship! Our beautiful steel grilles are hand woven in 8 styles and available in 6 finishes. Builders, designers and manufacturers can now specify the exact opening size of their door panels and receive the pre-cut panels, ready to install

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