New This Week: 8 Stylish Dining Rooms (8 photos)

The formal dining room has gone in and out of fashion for decades. In recent years, it has been surprisingly absent from many new-build floor plans as homeowners gravitated toward open-plan great rooms with less formal dining spots. Meanwhile, many people who do have dining rooms have put formal get-togethers...

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How to Whip Your Baking Center Into Shape (9 photos)

Do you love baking but find that the thought of getting all the supplies out — and fitting everything back in the cupboards afterward — is enough to send you on a trip to buy your pies and cookies instead? If so, it’s time to organize and pare down your supplies. That way, when your next baking inspiration...

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Houzz Barometer Shows Continued Confidence Despite Record Delays (16 photos)

The just-released 2021 Q4 Houzz Renovation Barometer reveals that residential construction and design professionals anticipate strong activity through the end of the year, even as wait...

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Kitchen of the Week: Wood and Black Cabinets and Better Flow (10 photos)

Oklahoma empty nesters Mike and Stacie Duke love to entertain their large blended family. But their kitchen just didn’t align with their hosting style. There was limited countertop surface, a small island, and a peninsula and wall that cut off the circulation path to surrounding spaces. Plus, distressed...

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Green Is the Top Paint Color for 2022 (11 photos)

Green is about to be seen — everywhere. Most major paint brands picked a neutral green as the color they think will define 2022. If you happen to like any of these hip hues, this year will be a good time to update your home, even if it’s in small ways. That’s because these paint color picks mean that...

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Before and After: 4 Bathrooms Open Up With Clear Glass Showers (12 photos)

If your bathroom feels dark and closed off, the shower enclosure might be the culprit. Shower curtains, glass blocks, frosted doors and walls are types of enclosures that can block natural light, conceal tile and make a space feel cramped. Instead, consider installing a clear glass shower to lighten,...

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Make This Fall’s Garden the Best Ever (12 photos)

People aren’t the only ones who enjoy fall temperatures — plants do too. In fact, fall can be one of the best times of year to add new plants to the landscape. The moderate temperatures of fall are relatively gentle to new plants, giving them time to grow a good root system and avoid the shock of being...

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Pros Share 5 Laundry Room Features They Love (10 photos)

Doing laundry is a chore, but with the right features, it doesn’t have to feel like one. We asked established designers and remodelers to share which laundry room features they love to add to their projects and why. Read their recommendations...

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The 10 Most Popular Powder Rooms of Summer 2021 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved powder room photos uploaded to Houzz between June 15 and Sept. 15, 2021.
A powder room is a great place to create a design experience like no other in your home. These spaces are usually small, intimate and used by guests, giving you an opportunity...

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How to Hang Your Curtains Just Right (15 photos)

Any drapery can serve the practical purpose of blocking light and boosting privacy, but a perfectly fitted treatment also can change the apparent size of a room, hide or correct awkward windows and give your space a sharp, orderly appearance, no matter if your aesthetic is traditional or modern. To help...

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25 Stylish Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Storage (25 photos)

Even a minimalist outdoor space generally benefits from some storage options, whether that’s a spot to tuck in your bike, stash clippers for the potted herbs or keep fuel for the barbecue. Plenty of out-of-the-box options are available that will work well. It’s even better, though, if you end up with...

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5 Kitchen Island Features Pros Always Recommend (one photo)

A kitchen island is a great feature to have. It can offer extra countertop space, storage and a place to sit. But designing an island isn’t necessarily easy. There are tons of options to consider that will determine how your island looks and functions. To help you narrow down your choices,...

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The 10 Most Popular Kitchens of Summer 2021 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved kitchen photos uploaded to Houzz between June 15 and Sept. 15, 2021.
If this countdown of the most-saved kitchen photos of the summer is any indication, light wood cabinets are having a major design moment. And it’s not hard to see why. Light...

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A Story of Hope and Kindness in the Face of Loss (18 photos)

David and Barbara (Dave and Barb) Rugendyke lost their home in Cobargo, New South Wales, Australia, on New Year’s Day 2020 during New South Wales’ catastrophic Black Summer bushfires — as did over 400 others in the region and thousands more across the country. It was a...

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Celebrate Fall With 9 Nature-Themed Outdoor Decorations (13 photos)

The natural world pulls out all the stops this time of year. From fiery leaf colors to the harvests of apples, pumpkins and gourds, nature provides plenty of design inspiration. Take a look at these creative outdoor decorating ideas ranging from a few well-placed pumpkins and simple containers to more...

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The 10 Most Popular Patios of Summer 2021 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved patio photos uploaded to Houzz from June 15 to Sept. 15, 2021.
There are many ways to create an inviting and useful outdoor area. But if you focus on features for lounging, cooking and dining, you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up with a...

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How to Mix Colors and Make It Work (12 photos)

White on white, white mixed with gray and, hmm, maybe a little more white? It’s certainly an in-demand look, but some people want a bit of bold color in their palettes. To help you mix color with more color to get the look you crave (without going totally overboard), here are some of my top tips for...

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New This Week: 4 Fresh Midsize Bathrooms With a Low-Curb Shower (4 photos)

A low-profile barrier can create a safe entry point to a shower. But a short curb can also help lighten the look and feel of a space, which is especially important when square footage is limited. Plus, the airy look frees up visual space to allow tile and other stylish details to stand out more. Here,...

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How to Maintain Your Garden to Ensure Its Long-Term Health (18 photos)

Established gardens that have been growing for three years or more require different care than newly planted landscapes. Lawns may need to be reseeded, trees could require pruning and nutrients...

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The 10 Most Popular Home Office Photos of Summer 2021 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved home office photos uploaded to Houzz between June 15 and Sept. 15, 2021.
Working from home looks different to many people, and this countdown of the most-saved home office photos of spring 2021 reflects that. You’ll find large spaces with...

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Kitchen of the Week: Organic and Earthy Style in California (6 photos)

“These homeowners are so much fun and they love to entertain, so it was important that their kitchen reflected their style,” says Jada Gilbert, their interior designer. Their existing Sacramento, California, kitchen was a sea of cabinets and neutral colors, and a hefty vent hood dominated the space....

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5 Big Takeaways From the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study (11 photos)

There are countless decisions to make when remodeling a bathroom. But knowing what other homeowners are doing in their bathroom renovations can be a good guide for how you might want to handle your own. For example, if your neighbors are prioritizing new finishes and adequate storage, and...

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Houzz Call: What Do You Love About Your Kitchen? (3 photos)

Kitchens are personal. Every kitchen you see represents the subtle — and not-so-subtle — preferences of its owners, as well as the efforts of the design and remodeling professionals who may have helped make it all happen. In that sense, a kitchen is somewhat like a thumbprint: No two are...

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Bathroom of the Week: Large Curbless Shower Bathed in Sunshine (9 photos)

If you don’t use it, lose it. That was the jumping-off point for these Virginia homeowners when it came to their large platform tub. The built-in tub, which the couple never used, sat right below the best spot in the bathroom: under two large skylights. So they decided it was time to lose it.

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7 Trends From the 2021 London Design Festival (13 photos)

After a reduced show last year, it was great to welcome back a lively London Design Festival in September. We went along to discover what themes have been preoccupying designers over the past year and the products, colors and textures those themes have inspired. Take a look to see if you’ll be incorporating...

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The Secret Ingredient to Make Any Room Feel More Inviting (13 photos)

You know the feeling of walking into a room and immediately feeling drawn to a certain area — whether it’s a cozy seating nook or an interesting collection on the mantel? If you can’t quite put your finger on what it is about the space or group of objects that seems alluring, there’s a good chance that...

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The 10 Most Popular Laundry Room Photos of Summer 2021 (10 photos)

This Trending Now story features the most-saved laundry room photos uploaded to Houzz from June 15 to Sept. 15, 2021.
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6 Ways to Keep Your Edible Garden Going Until Spring (7 photos)

There’s nothing quite like the taste of home-grown produce picked straight from the garden. Now that the seasons are changing and colder temperatures are in the cards for parts of the country, you may think your yummy salad days are over. But guess what? There’s no need to put your garden...

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How to Make the Most of a Single-Wall Kitchen (12 photos)

Where kitchen space is at a premium, could a single-wall layout be your solution? Single-wall kitchens have the smallest possible footprint and, as the name suggests, incorporate all furniture and appliances in a single line. Fewer cabinets mean this kitchen layout should cost you less than others. And...

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Houzz Tour: Fresh Color and More Space for a 1942 Cottage (22 photos)

The owners of a small cottage built in 1942 in Pasadena, California, outgrew the home after they had two children, and they enlisted Amy Peltier to help with the redesign. “They were ready for a fresh update and to move on from beige walls and dark wood furniture into something fresh, bright and light,”...

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Apr. 7, 2020

New Decorative Metal Accents for Tried-and-True Mouldings

Mouldings have been a Designs of Distinction ® product for decades. We offer mouldings in various sizes & styles – ranging from decorative Base Mouldings to Crown Mouldings, to Light Ready Light Rail Mouldings ® . We’ve introduced dozens of hardwood moulding insert designs – including inserts like Bijou, Infinity, and Baroque, and Classic Revival. […]

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Apr. 2, 2020

Brass Gallery Rail – your guide to an inexpensive way to update your Kitchen & Bath

Our new Brass Gallery Rail components provide an inexpensive way to achieve a luxury look. Manufactured from solid polished brass, you are able to completely customize how you want your new Gallery Rail to look, and where you want to install it. Versatile Design & Style The Brass Gallery Rail can fit almost any design […]

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Apr. 1, 2020

New Bun Feet!

We’ve been working hard at Designs of Distinction to bring more high-quality furniture components to the market. Cue, bun feet with pre-installed 5/16″-18 hanger bolts. As usual, our bun feet with hanger bolts will come unfinished & hand-sanded to perfection – ready to stain or paint right out of the box. Uses for Bun Feet […]

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Mar. 25, 2019

Small Spaces: Unique Uses of Wood Brackets

When you live in a small urban apartment, like me, often times the apartment does not come with much overhead lighting, and if it does come with overhead lighting, it’s overbearing fluorescent light from the 70’s that provides no ambience or hygge.

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Jul. 4, 2018

New Cut-to-Size Decorative Grille Program!

Take advantage of Designs of Distinction’s cut-to-size decorative grille program! No minimums and quick-ship! Our beautiful steel grilles are hand woven in 8 styles and available in 6 finishes. Builders, designers and manufacturers can now specify the exact opening size of their door panels and receive the pre-cut panels, ready to install

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