Before and After: 6 Inspiring Midsize Bathroom Makeovers (18 photos)

A midsize bathroom typically contains a substantial vanity, a toilet, a comfortable shower and a decent amount of elbow room. It’s the kind of thing you’ll see in many average suburban homes. While not extravagant on square footage, it’s enough space that the possibilities are nearly infinite. The following...

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Bathroom of the Week: Wavy Tile and a Japanese Soaking Tub (8 photos)

Looking to create a post-workout spa retreat in their refinished basement, a Maryland couple hired designer Meghan Browne to come up with a functional layout with a Zen-like vibe. Browne responded by relocating the laundry facilities to another area to expand the footprint of the bathroom,...

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Elegant Boston Backyard Serves Up Style and Year-Round Enjoyment (13 photos)

Designed to draw a family of four outside, where they frequently host friends and visiting family, this Boston-area backyard maximizes outdoor living opportunities. Outdoor spaces — including a pool, outdoor kitchen, bar, dining area, fire pit lounge and child-friendly kitchen garden — flow together...

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Before and After: 5 Kitchen Makeovers in 225 Square Feet or More (15 photos)

No matter your kitchen’s size, there’s a way to set it up well for both beauty and function. The following makeovers of five kitchens — which range from 225 square feet to 400 square feet — show how a remodel can really make a kitchen work better for its owners. Which before-and-after photos do...

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9 Inspiring Gardens Gain Privacy and Screening With Plants (11 photos)

Whether you’re living with neighbors close by, have less-than-ideal views or are looking for more privacy anywhere in your yard, hedges and screening plants can be major problem solvers. When it comes to choosing the right hedge plant for the job, you’ll need to consider climate, sun exposure and water...

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Your Guide to a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen (11 photos)

Whether you’re tackling a kitchen remodel with the help of a kitchen designer, architect or contractor,...

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5 Ways With a 5-by-8-Foot Bathroom (28 photos)

The most common bathroom size measures 5 by 8 feet — enough room for a single sink, a toilet and a shower or shower-bathtub combination. You may think there isn’t much you can do with an area of this size. But you’d be wrong. Here, five projects within these dimensions showcase clever ways to create...

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Decorating Master Class: 10 Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them (19 photos)

If you’re scratching your head over why the decor in your home leaves you feeling slightly underwhelmed, a remedy — or at least an improvement — may be just a few moves away. Whether it’s a bland room, a paint color you’re not quite sure about or throw pillows that refuse to sit right, here are some...

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See How Just 1 Ingredient Can Jump-Start a Dazzling Fall Garden (13 photos)

Imagine the impact of a pot of brightly blooming flowers set on your doorstep. The eye is immediately drawn to the color, skimming over other areas of the porch, perhaps not noticing details like peeling paint or steps in need of a sweep. In the same way, adding just one colorful perennial or a shimmering...

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Houzz Tour: Glass, Timbers and Angles Shape Restored Wedge House (14 photos)

What do you do with a drafty, compact, 50-year-old house with a tiny kitchen and rotting timbers? The answer for most people would be to tear it down and start over. But designer Bryn Davidson’s clients loved the slanted midcentury modern design and feel so much that they chose to restore and expand...

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10 Questions to Ask Before Sharing Your Home With Aging Parents (10 photos)

Living with aging parents can help deepen your relationships, strengthen grandparent-grandkid bonds and offer peace of mind knowing your loved ones are well cared for. But opening up your home to your parents (or in-laws) isn’t always a sunny proposition. Personality conflicts, serious health needs and...

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14 Bright Ideas for Adding a Little Color to Your Kitchen (19 photos)

Looking to add a little color to your kitchen? Whether you’re planning a fresh renovation or just want to add a dash of spice to your existing kitchen, here are several ways you can bring in a new color or two.

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How the Heck Do You Clean a Glass Shower Door? (12 photos)

Most people loathe household chores. But is any cleaning task more difficult to stick to than squeegeeing shower walls and doors after use? The squeegee rule, a seemingly reasonable request to reduce hard-water stains, mineral buildup and mildew, is great unless you’re short on time, patience, energy...

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A Small Backyard Haven With Secluded Seating (9 photos)

How do you turn a thin patch of scrappy lawn into an inviting yard with multiple vistas? That was the task facing landscape designer Paul Richards, who created this magical haven in Lancashire, England.
“The garden had been a very boring grass rectangle with a narrow border up each side,” he...

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11 Must-Haves in a Designer’s Dream Kitchen (14 photos)

In interior design, it’s important to think big: After all, in some projects you can’t get everything you want, but you should set the bar high to achieve a great result. But in your dream kitchen, you can have it all — and more. Here I’ve compiled my top 11 must-have design features for a dream...

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See What Gives These Bathrooms Their Spa-Like Feel (12 photos)

My clients are always asking for a master bath that feels like a relaxing spa. After all, such a peaceful, pampering environment makes a great setting in which to prepare for the day or unwind from its stressors. People often are surprised to learn that one secret of designing a luxurious bathroom is...

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4 Kitchens With White Cabinets and a Wood Island (4 photos)

If you’re looking for a kitchen design that will last, you can’t go wrong with a palette of white and wood. The brightness of white assists in the focused task of cooking, and the wood helps warm the room while providing a durable finish that stands up to scuffs and kicks. One great way to feature this...

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Find Products for Your Home Using Visual Search in the Houzz App (6 photos)

Imagine sitting in a coffee shop or hotel lobby, seeing a chair or light fixture you like and being able to find and buy that piece (or something similar) with just a few taps on your phone. With Visual Search, a feature on the Houzz app, you can use photos to find and buy the home products you’re looking...

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Kitchen of the Week: Walnut Cabinets Channel Midcentury Style (7 photos)

A love of midcentury modern furniture and art kicked off the renovation of this young professional couple’s kitchen in Minneapolis. Designer Kimberly Herrick pulled from wood tones found in her clients’ furniture collection in selecting beautiful walnut cabinetry that wraps the new layout....

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12 Ways to Make Any Bathroom Look Bigger (18 photos)

Most of us dream of having a vast, spacious bathroom with a separate tub and shower, two sinks and maybe even a decadent chaise just for lounging between soaks. Well, whether you live that dream or not, you can make your bathroom live up to its full potential by using these strategies to give it a larger...

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Houzz Tour: Urban Farmhouse With Many Rooms for Gathering (28 photos)

The owners of this home in the Rosemont neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia, wanted to improve both its style and its function. A previous addition to the back of the house had created a family room with too many windows. This left the owners feeling as though they were sitting inside a fish bowl. Also,...

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Cool Down With These Stylish Ideas for Outdoor Ceiling Fans (11 photos)

If you live in a warm summer climate, adding a ceiling fan to your outdoor space can be the finishing touch for outdoor comfort. With a cooling breeze on demand, you’re likely to get more use out of a porch, patio or covered veranda in peak summer heat, when you might otherwise tend to stay indoors....

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Houzz Scholarship Applications Now Open (one photo)

Applications for the twice-yearly Houzz Scholarships are now open, with a new category for students studying the residential construction trades. This category is open to those who are pursuing trade certifications or associate of science degrees in vocational or community college programs and...

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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy (6 photos)

Mature trees are a valuable commodity in the yard because they take a long time to establish and then become gorgeous specimens that provide shade and year-round benefit to wildlife. Protecting them by keeping them in great health is an effective way to invest in the long-term look of your landscape....

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Before and After: 5 Dramatic Bathroom Transformations (13 photos)

Bathrooms are among the most popular rooms to remodel, according to Houzz research, and it’s fun to see the before-and-after transformations. The following five bathrooms, which range from 40 to 135 square feet, each got a dramatic makeover. Which one most inspires you?

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Design Through the Decades: The 1970s (28 photos)

This series looks at the stories behind iconic designs from each decade, starting in 1900. This installment covers ergonomic chairs, waterbeds, shag rugs and more.


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Your Guide to Mediterranean Style (11 photos)

Having a good sense of your favorite style can be a great help, whether you’re working with a designer or shopping for decor. If you love a casually elegant, earthy look inspired by the sun and sea, Mediterranean...

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Bathroom of the Week: Luxe Spa-Like Feel for a Master Bath (12 photos)

Ready to update their home’s 1980s decor, these Richardson, Texas, homeowners found local interior designer Dona Rosene on Houzz. Phase 1 of their extended project tackled the kitchen and living room, and Phase 2 took...

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Houzz TV: Animals, Love and Color on a Florida Farm (26 photos)

“I learned a long time ago that I have to make whatever space that I’m in my own,” Gany Lalo Bernal says. “It has to say something about who I am.” That philosophy was paired with Gany’s lifelong dream of living on a farm. When she came across a blog post nine years ago about a woman who had moved from...

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A Lush Cottage Garden in a Small Urban Backyard (19 photos)

Wildflower meadow plantings, a meandering path, wisteria, foxglove, the gentle tinkle of water just out of sight — you’d never guess this garden belongs to a 1970s home in the city. “I like to call the style ‘urban cottage,’” designer and homeowner Amanda Shipman says.
The lawn in the original...

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Mar. 25, 2019

Small Spaces: Unique Uses of Wood Brackets

When you live in a small urban apartment, like me, often times the apartment does not come with much overhead lighting, and if it does come with overhead lighting, it’s overbearing fluorescent light from the 70’s that provides no ambience or hygge.

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May. 23, 2019

AWFS 2019 – July 17th-20th – Booth #4872

Come see our new products at AWFS 2019! We will be at booth #4872. Schedule a meeting with us to get a walk-through of our booth and receive a Starbucks gift card at the meeting. More information on AWFS can be seen here. 

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May. 4, 2019

ICFF May 19-22nd, 2019 : Booth 385

Visit us at ICFF in New York May 19-22nd. We are excited to be showing our new cut-to-size decorative wire grilles program, brass bistro shelving and a new line of acrylic, chrome and wood furniture feet.

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  • Our Empire Iron Island Support is 100% made in the USA. Manufactured with laser cut 3/8
  • Our Classic Revival Collection includes Decorative Grilles, Corbels, Mouldings, Brackets, Bun Feet, and the Classic Revival Tile you see here. Check out the rest of our Classic Revival Collection by visiting the link below.👇 https://bit.ly/2LwHWwJ
  • Our American-Made Large Diameter Gaelic Leg has been a top seller in recent years. As such, we've added more sizes, styles, and species, and now we have over 75 combinations of Gaelic Legs available and ready to ship! 😍 .
👉 See More: https://bit.ly/2LtXz8a
  • The perfect accent to corners, door frames, and cabinetry, the Classic Revival Tile adds a finishing touch to your designs. 📸 : @Masterbrandcabinets