Kitchen of the Week: Warm, Rustic and Dog-Friendly in California (9 photos)

With six adopted rescue dogs, Tommy and Kymberli Bazan have a busy household. “There’s never a dull moment,” Kymberli says. The couple, who moved into their 1990s custom ranch-style home in Oakdale, California, in 2005, wanted to remodel the kitchen years ago but time and money (and taking care of their...

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New This Week: 7 Stylish and Hardworking Laundry Rooms (9 photos)

There are as many ways to create a stylish and functioning laundry room as there are socks forever separated from their counterparts after washday. Here, designers share their renovation decisions and break down the main features that make these seven laundry rooms special.

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World of Design: 12 Soothing Bathtubs in Rejuvenating Settings (15 photos)

One in a series from Houzz international editors on how our lives shape home design around the world
For many of us, taking a bath is one of the most relaxing ways of throwing off the cares of the day. Soaking in the tub is about cleansing the mind as well as the body, and a bath with a...

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What’s Popular for Kitchen Islands in Remodeled Kitchens (8 photos)

Homeowners often add or upgrade an island as part of a kitchen renovation, choosing features that make the island both stylish and functional. Cabinet styles, countertops and colors that differ from the rest of the kitchen are commonly used on the island, according to new research from Houzz.
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Energy Efficiency and a Nod to Midcentury Modernism (21 photos)

The town of Lexington, Massachusetts, conjures up images of the Revolutionary War and Colonial architecture. But it is also a place midcentury modern architects from MIT and Harvard (including Bauhaus School founder Walter...

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A Professional Organizer Shares Her Top 6 Storage Products (7 photos)

As a professional home organizer, I create customized recommendations for each of my clients based on lifestyle, aesthetic preferences and decision-making style. I’ve found over the years that despite the variations in my clients’ situations, a number of organizing products seem to work...

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5 Favorite Succulents to Grow Indoors (9 photos)

Succulents are making a splash as indoor container plants. An increasing number of what were once considered dry-climate outdoor succulents can now be found taking center stage inside the home, thanks to their love of dry, warm climates and tolerance for a little neglect. If you’d like to start your...

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Powder Room Palettes: 10 Pinks That Pop (10 photos)

Whether through subtle blush-colored tiles or dramatic magenta glazed walls, these stylish powder rooms highlight the power of pink. Check out these 10 powder rooms that feature paint, tile and wallpaper in shades of pink and tell us which one pops for you.

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10 Little Things You Can Do to Feel More Organized (10 photos)

The beginning of a new year (and decade) is a wonderful time to make a fresh start at home. If you’d like to feel more organized but don’t have the time, energy or need for a top-to-bottom tidying spree, any one of these 10 projects could be just enough to give your space a boost.

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10 Times to Hire a Design-Build Firm (10 photos)

Wondering if it’s time to hire a design-build firm? Unlike the more traditional path (known as “design, bid, build"), which involves hiring a designer and a builder separately, hiring a design-build firm gives you design and construction services under the same umbrella. Whether led by an architect or...

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Remodeling and Design Firms Optimistic for 1st-Quarter 2020 (14 photos)

Firms in the residential remodeling industry are demonstrating strong confidence in the market for the next three months, new data from Houzz reveal, similar to their sentiment at the start of last year.
“Small businesses in the construction sector and architectural and design sector...

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Popular Layouts for Remodeled Kitchens Now (7 photos)

An L-shaped layout is the most popular option among homeowners changing the layout of their kitchen as part of a kitchen remodeling project, according to new data from Houzz. And many homeowners are opening their kitchens to nearby rooms, the 2020...

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Bathroom of the Week: An Open Feeling in 50 Square Feet (8 photos)

Squeezing everything her clients needed into this 50-square-foot hall bathroom presented a challenge to kitchen and bath designer Alison Griffin. The designer used her skills to make the once-cramped space feel more open and airy — even though she...

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5 Countertops That Look Beautiful in a Green Kitchen (5 photos)

Kitchen countertops make as much of a decorative impact as your choice of cabinetry, so selecting the right style is essential. But what if you’ve picked out a less common color for your cabinets — green, for example? It could make your countertop decision a bit more challenging. Here’s what to consider...

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How to Create a Backyard You’ll Always Want to Spend Time In (9 photos)

Many homeowners dream of an expansive backyard, but it can end up feeling more like a burden if it lacks interest and purpose — and that can result in no one using it. We’ve asked three landscape design experts how you can turn your backyard into an appealing space that everyone in your household will...

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7 Ways to Prepare for a Less Stressful Move (8 photos)

A move is often considered a stressful life event. As professional organizers, my business partner and I frequently receive calls from clients who need to move out of their homes in a hurry and want help managing the process. They’re suddenly faced with an overwhelming number...

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Soothing Blues and Whites in a Virginia New Build (15 photos)

Molly Kay Johns and Thomas Johns designed and built their family’s home in Purcellville, Virginia, in 2017, after purchasing 5 acres of open land. “We lived in our previous home for 16 years and remodeled it from top to bottom, but always dreamed of building our own home from scratch. We are so grateful...

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3 Reasons to Hire a Lighting Designer (4 photos)

Electricity is the source that makes light possible, but light can do so much more than just fill a room with lumens and watts. While electricians install lighting, lighting designers help to illuminate lives. Read on to discover how a lighting expert can highlight a designer’s vision, implement the...

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20 Delightful Double Vanities (20 photos)

Whether used by a couple or siblings, bathrooms with two sinks add function and efficiency for today’s busy families. But what type of double vanity is right for you? Consider these 20 stylish bathrooms and see if any of them inspire you to double up on sinks in your own home.

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8 Essentials for Healthy Indoor Plants (10 photos)

Nothing gives me more pleasure than having my indoor plants refreshed, repotted and repositioned, ready for a new year ahead. All too often we either love our houseplants or neglect them to death. But with some common sense on your part, a little love and a dash of courage, your indoor plants can live...

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Garage Attic Converted Into a Stylish Teen Hangout (7 photos)

An unused garage attic was the perfect opportunity for these Pelham, New York, homeowners to create a space where their three teenage sons could hang out with friends, practice music, do homework and store their sports gear. Designer Kelly Mittleman was brought in to transform the attic into a bright...

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7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Kitchen (9 photos)

Have you noticed that the state of your kitchen can make a huge difference in how your entire home feels? When things aren’t running as they should,...

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4 Secrets to a Shiny-Clean Bathtub (6 photos)

Cleaning the bathtub. It’s a chore that looms large, usually because in any bathroom, the tub itself looms large. It also seems to require a lot of scrubbing and leaning over and generally contorting yourself into a few strange positions. While cleaning the bathtub will never be totally painless, there...

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Pruning Secrets for Exquisite Roses (12 photos)

After the threat of frost has passed, hit the garden armed in your toughest clothes and sharpened pruners for the annual task of cutting back the roses. While gardeners may share different insights on the art of rose pruning, one thing is certain: While roses’ winter dormancy persists, it’s time to prune,...

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Patio of the Week: Japanese-Inspired Landscape in Toronto (8 photos)

“My client’s work keeps her very busy. She wanted a calm outdoor space where she could chill out at home,” landscape architect Sander Freedman says. The home, in Toronto’s Forest Hill neighborhood, is done in contemporary style, with rustic accents like dark barn wood-like siding. Freedman played...

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How to Keep Your Kitchen Sink Looking Great (13 photos)

A new sink can give your kitchen that oh-so-fresh feel. But sinks get a lot of use, and they’re not made of Teflon (at least we hope not), so over time they’re bound to show some wear and tear. Here are tips for keeping 10 popular kitchen sink materials looking great. And if you have a sink-care secret...

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How to Help Victims of Australia’s Fires (3 photos)

Hundreds of wildfires in Australia that began in September 2019 have killed at least 26 people and destroyed more than 1,800 homes. About 15 million acres have burned, mostly in the southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria, regions that have seen years of devastating drought. Native wildlife...

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New This Week: 5 Stylish Bathrooms Under 75 Square Feet (5 photos)

A little design effort goes a long way in a relatively small bathroom. That’s because simple materials and fixtures get a chance to really stand out. The right tile used on all four walls, a bold vanity color or an interesting vessel sink can have a more important and impactful style role in a small...

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Kitchen of the Week: New Space for a Couple’s New Lifestyle (6 photos)

Once their youngest child had flown the nest, this Phoenix couple traded in their suburban home with a big yard for life in a new townhouse in the city’s downtown. “My clients loved the idea of being able to walk to restaurants, shops and museums and living just a quick light-rail ride away from sports...

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How to Grow Orchids Indoors (9 photos)

Orchids are a lot easier to grow than many people realize. Most of the more commonly available ones thrive in the same indoor conditions that people thrive in, with moderate temperatures and humidity and bright sunlight but not direct heat. If you’re comfortable indoors, your orchid probably will be...

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Mar. 25, 2019

Small Spaces: Unique Uses of Wood Brackets

When you live in a small urban apartment, like me, often times the apartment does not come with much overhead lighting, and if it does come with overhead lighting, it’s overbearing fluorescent light from the 70’s that provides no ambience or hygge.

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Jul. 4, 2018

New Cut-to-Size Decorative Grille Program!

Take advantage of Designs of Distinction’s cut-to-size decorative grille program! No minimums and quick-ship! Our beautiful steel grilles are hand woven in 8 styles and available in 6 finishes. Builders, designers and manufacturers can now specify the exact opening size of their door panels and receive the pre-cut panels, ready to install

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May. 23, 2019

AWFS 2019 – July 17th-20th – Booth #4872

Come see our new products at AWFS 2019! We will be at booth #4872. Schedule a meeting with us to get a walk-through of our booth and receive a Starbucks gift card at the meeting. More information on AWFS can be seen here. 

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May. 4, 2019

ICFF May 19-22nd, 2019 : Booth 385

Visit us at ICFF in New York May 19-22nd. We are excited to be showing our new cut-to-size decorative wire grilles program, brass bistro shelving and a new line of acrylic, chrome and wood furniture feet.

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  • Cut-to-Size Decorative Grille!! 🤩  Builders, designers, and manufacturers can now specify the exact opening size of their door panels and receive the pre-cut panels, ready to install. These beautiful steel grilles are hand-woven in 8 styles, and electroplated in a variety of stock and custom finishes including satin brass, antique pewter and a contemporary, stainless steel look. 
See more on our website: www.brownwoodinc.com/dod
  • Merry Christmas 🎁
  • These Square Country French wood columns add an updated feel to a tried and true classic. The perfect addition to your Traditional or Transitional designs and available with or without a window route for added detail.
👉 See More: https://bit.ly/2na5JIJ
  • Square columns with metal sleeves give you the best of contemporary, urban, and industrial design. Clean and simple, with a mix of materials. Pins or nails are not required to attach the sleeve to the leg – simply glue it on for a flush, clean finish. .
📸 : @WellbornCabinet .
👉 See More: https://bit.ly/2l2aALo