The Countdown is ON to IWF 2024

by Jenny Rhead

Where will you find Designs of Distinction® at IWF 2024?

WHAT: International Woodworking Fair – North America’s largest wood products technology and design show. WHERE: Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. WHEN: Tuesday, August 6 through Friday, August 9, 2024. FIND US AT: Booth C2562 in Building C, level 1.

*Post last updated July 8, 2024.

What will you find at Booth C2562?

We’re incredibly excited to share what we’ve been working on since KBIS! New products and materials premiering at IWF 2024 include:

Stop by to meet the team and see our newest components, materials, sample kits and more at Booth C2562 at IWF Atlanta 2024.

Need to schedule a meeting with a member of our team? Email Jenny Rhead at jrhead@brownwoodinc.com to set up an on-site or after-hours meeting with Kathryn Constantine, Jenny Rhead, Eli Albert, or Nick Constantine.

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NEW: MDF Plus Tambour Panels

MDF Plus Tambour Panels

Our new MDF tambour panels are CNC’d from MDF “Plus” material, which has an increased internal bond making the “plus” grade ideal for intricate machining. The material is a popular choice for residential, retail, and commercial markets as its uniform density profile provides a stable, smooth surface for painting.

MDF Plus is made from 100% recycled or recovered wood and holds FSC and CPA (Composite Panel Association) certifications. It also adheres to ECC (Eco-Certified Composite) standards. Additionally, MDF Plus meets CARB and EPA formaldehyde emissions regulations, helps to reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint, and uses at least 85% wood fibers sourced within 250 miles of the manufacturing facility.

MDF Plus tambour panels will be introduced in our most popular size for cabinet panels (24″W x 46″L x .25″T) in 3 styles – #100 (bead), #304 (square), and #403 (cove).

MDF tambour Panels are the latest addition to our line of USA-made tambour panels which includes 19 flexible profiles and 8 solid profiles. Species available for solid American hardwood tambour profiles include: Red Oak, Alder (solid only), Cherry (solid only), Hard Maple, White Oak, Walnut, and Paint Grade (Paint Grade Poplar is used for flexible panels while Paint Grade Brown Maple is used for solid panels).

Above: Profile #100 MDF Plus Panel, painted in Benjamin Moore Fog Mist

Solid & Flexible American Hardwood Tambour Panels

Made in America from American hardwoods, Tambour ships ready to finish in paint or stain. Flexible Tambour has a thin backer, allowing Tambour to be used as a wrap and bend around curves. Solid Tambour makes an ideal insert for cabinet doors, or as full panels on cabinetry and furniture.

Flexible Tambour Panels: Our flexible panels are made with a thin material backer which allows the tambour to be used on both curved and flat applications. Multiple sizes work with both furniture and architectural applications. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Unfinished, ready to stain or paint. 48” and 96” lengths in stock. Available up to 120” long. Flexible tambour panels are available in: Red Oak, Hard Maple, White Oak, Walnut, and Paint Grade Poplar.

Solid Tambour Panels: Solid tambour profiles measure 24” x 46” and are ideal as inserts for cabinetry doors, or as full panels on cabinetry and furniture. CNC machined from solid American Hardwoods. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Unfinished, ready to stain or paint. Solid tambour panels are available in: Red Oak, Alder, Cherry, Hard Maple, White Oak, Walnut, and Paint Grade Maple.

Materials: Both solid & flexible tambour panels are USA-made from North American Hardwoods.

A) Alder: While still a hardwood, alder is relatively soft compared to other North American Hardwoods. It has a light, uniform color with a subtle, straight grain pattern.

B) Cherry: A straight grained smooth textured hardwood, Cherry is considered one of the premier North American hardwoods, along with Walnut. Cherry can vary from rich red to reddish brown and will darken with age, especially when exposed to light.

C) Hard Maple: Clear Hard Maple is a closed grain species that is ideal for stained finishes. The color of hard maple ranges from nearly white to off-white cream.

D) Paint Grade Poplar: Poplar is a straight grained, smooth wood that has a wide variation in color. It isn’t uncommon to see white, green, purple and brown within the same piece of wood. Due to this, Paint Grade Poplar is best used for painted finishes.

E) Paint Grade Hard Maple: We use Brown Maple for our solid panel paint-grade option. It provides a smooth surface for painted finishes and can be stained with dark colors. Our paint-grade hard maple panels can vary in color from cream to brown and are not color matched during panel processing.

F) Red Oak: A beautiful open-grain species with an orange-reddish hue. Its wider grain results in a subtle wave pattern. Due to its wider grain pattern, staining results in the grain pattern becoming darker where the grain is closed and lighter where the grain is more open.

G) Walnut: A dark-brown hardwood with a grain pattern that can be either straight or irregular. Its rich brown color can have hints of black and gray. Due to its color and grain pattern, it is typically finished in a clear stain only.

H) White Oak: A tighter grain than Red Oak, White Oak is also ideal for stain finishes. Its color is a light to medium brown or even tan with a grayish undertone. It’s narrower grain pattern tends to run straighter and tighter than Red Oak.

NEW: Angled Metallic Accent Trim

Our new Angled Decorative Bar will be available in 8 bright and bold finishes, matching our other metallic accent components. Finishes include Brushed Aluminum, Chrome, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Satin Stainless, Titanium, Warm Bronze, and Flat Black.

The Angled Bar, measuring .438”W x .25”T x 96”L, can be trimmed on-site and installed using DOD’s double-sided ultra-high bond (UHB) tape. Resistant to heat and moisture, UHB tape makes an ideal adhesive for Metallic Accent Trim to cabinetry, furniture, and more. With the addition of the Angled Bar (SKU 01200250-1), we now carry 7 Metallic Accent Trim profiles in 8 finishes(!).

Metallic Accent Trim

Add stunning and eye-catching detail to cabinet doors, furniture pieces, and more with our popular line of Metallic Accents. The collection includes a variety of sizes and finishes of Metal Strapping, L-Channels and Decorative Bars in 8 bright and bold finishes. Use as an onlay and/or inset into a cabinet panel for subtle embellishment. Available in Brushed Aluminum, Chrome, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Stainless, Warm Bronze, Flat Black, and Titanium (introduced at KBIS 2024). Metallic Accent Trim matches a range of other components, including Columns with Metal Sleeves, Furniture Feet with Ferrules, Decorative Grilles and more. Custom finishes available and sizes available.

LEFT: Metallic Accent Trim in Chrome, Decorative Grille #286S (square orientation) in Satin Nickel

Award-Winning Designer DripEdge®

We’ll also be showing its award-winning design – the Designer DripEdge®. Protect your client’s investment and add a subtle decorative touch to waste can pull-out cabinets. Made in the USA from anodized aluminum, the Designer DripEdge features finished ends and includes pre-applied UHB (ultra-high-bond) tape for easy installation.

It perfectly matches our other Metallic Accents including Trim, Columns with Metal Sleeves, Furniture Feet with Ferrules and more. It’s available in four widths and three finishes. Custom sizes available with a quote.

NEW: Furniture Feet with Brass Slipper Cups

REAL Wood and REAL Brass

We will be introducing 3 new styles (in 2 sizes) of furniture feet with authentic brass slipper cups. Styles include Square Taper Foot, Round Taper Foot, and “Calla” Foot – in both 6”H and 9”H.

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM ON THE LEFT: Square taper, round taper, Calla foot.

These new feet will be available in unfinished Hard Maple, White Oak, and Walnut. Each size and style feature a 5/16-18” bolt for easy installation.

The Round Taper Foot and Calla Foot include screws to install a 1.26” Diam. X 1.87”H solid brass slipper cup (SKU 01SLPR104-1) from the bottom of the foot. The Square Taper Foot includes screws to install a 1.59” SQ. x 1.89”H solid brass slipper cup (SKU 01SLPR106-1). We stock each slipper cup in 4 finishes – Antique Brass, Chrome, Polished Brass, and Satin Brass.

Components ship unassembled for easy finishing in stain or paint colors of your choice. Once the component is finished, simply screw the slipper cup into the bottom of the foot.

Tambour Sample Binder

Convenient & Travel Friendly

Our Sample Kits line gets better (again!). Our new Tambour Sample Binder showcases real American hardwood tambour samples affixed to a rigid tri-fold binder. The binder includes samples of both solid and flexible profiles in various species such as White Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, and more. Specifications for all 25 American-made hardwood tambour profiles are presented in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Designed for convenience, the binder is ideal for showrooms and mobile sales representatives. It measures 10”W x 12”H x 2”D, making it easy to store and transport. Additionally, a clear vinyl sleeve on the back provides space for businesses to include contact information, business cards, and other materials.

Sample Kit Raffle

We’ll be raffling off Sample Kits displayed at IWF 2024, including:

• Cut-to-Size Decorative Grilles & Mesh + Cinch Bag + Countertop Display Tray
• Full set of Tambour Samples + NEW Tambour Sample Binder
• Metallic Accent Trim Kits
• Gallery Rail Kits
• Designer DripEdge® + Promotional Table Tent
• And More!!

Our continuously growing line of Sample Kits has gained popularity among architects, designers, cabinet makers, furniture makers, woodworkers, and manufacturers. These kits are perfect for both display and on-the-go client visits, with each sample piece clearly labeled with SKUs and finish/species details. They also serve as a great source of inspiration for your next project!

Stop by Booth C2562 to drop your business card in the raffle, and win a variety of sample kits valued at over $300!

Other Materials & Components on Display at IWF 2024 (Gallery)

EXCITED FOR IWF 2024 YET?! We are! Scroll the gallery below to see more of what we’ll be showing at Booth C2562.

Rattan – We’ve reintroduced Radio Weave #1201 just in time for IWF 2024.

Decorative Grilles & Mesh (Left: 332P in Stainless “Look”, Right: Italian Mesh #118)

Metallic Accent Trim – 7 profiles, 8 finishes

Cut-to-Size Materials: Leather, Resin

American Hardwood Tambour Panels

About Us

Brown Wood, Inc. is an industry leading strategic partner to manufacturers, retailers, distributors, engineers, and architects seeking cost-effective, high quality wood parts, components and assemblies.

Designs of Distinction, a Brown Wood, Inc. product line, is a complete line of stock decorative wood and metal materials for both residential and commercial markets.

Our Brown Wood Inc. contract division, Made-To-Spec, provides front-to-back custom wood product solutions for diverse markets. Just a few of the industries served include furniture, store fixture and display, hardware, toy and game, sporting goods, educational, professional, and industrial.

Whether seeking single piece replicas, volume production or complete finished goods, Brown Wood Inc. works with you from conception to reality. Founded in 1927, Brown Wood Inc. offers cutting edge capabilities, a consultative approach, and a vast array of products to help each customer realize its vision, seamlessly.

Our Designs of Distinction brand has been a leading supplier of components and materials to the residential and commercial markets since 1998. It continues to lead the industry in new product development by taking today’s trends and reimagining them into products that work for residential and commercial design. Proprietary manufacturing and customized purchasing programs such as consignment and JIT are hallmarks of the Designs of Distinction brand.

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