Warranty & Returns

Returned Goods Policy:

All requests for return must be made within 30 days of item receipt – meaning within 30 days of the item first being in possession of the customer (date of delivery or will-call pickup). All returns must be sent to 7040 N. Lawndale Ave., Lincolnwood, IL 60712 unless otherwise indicated by Brown Wood.

You must indicate the reason for return at the time of your request. Return reasons fall into two categories: Customer Responsible and Manufacturer Responsible.

Customer-Responsible returns (returns where the customer is the responsible party) will incur a 15% restocking fee (based on the cost of the product, not including shipping and handling) and the customer will be responsible for organizing/paying for return shipping. The restocking fee may be waived if a replacement order is made at the time of return request. The initial cost of shipping the item to the customer will not be refunded. These returns may be initiated for the following reasons:

  • Product no longer needed
  • Ordered too much/few of product
  • Ordered incorrect product
  • Buyer’s remorse
  • Purchase made accidentally

Manufacturer-Responsible returns (returns where the manufacturer is the responsible party) will not have a restocking fee and the manufacturer will be responsible for organizing/paying for return shipping. The cost of initial shipping and handling will be refunded as well. Returns of this nature will require photographic verification provided by the customer. These returns may be initiated for the following reasons:

  • Incorrect product sent
  • Inaccurate description
  • Product is defective/out of spec
  • Too many/few of products were sent
  • Sent to wrong location

In all cases of return requests, each of the following conditions will apply:

  • The customer must first inform the manufacturer of the return request (regardless of which party is responsible) before initiating any step of the return process. NOTE: product returned without prior approval will not be honored.
  • The product must be eligible for return (see return eligibility below).
  • The customer must provide a return reason.
  • The customer must receive an RMA number once the return request is approved; the return procedure cannot continue until the manufacturer has provided an RMA number to the customer.
  • The product(s) must be packaged, sealed and secured in a reasonable manner in order to assure the product is not damaged in transit.
  • The RMA number or the original invoice number must be referenced in the form of a packing slip or writing on the outside of the package.
  • The returned product must arrive in good condition to the manufacturer’s warehouse (7040 N. Lawndale Ave, Lincolnwood, IL 60712) within 14 days of RMA approval.
  • The product must be in the same condition it was verified to be in at the time the refund request was initiated.

If all the specified conditions are met, the customer will receive their refund within 5-7 business days of manufacturer’s product receipt.

Return Eligibility

Certain items are not returnable. Ineligible items include:

  • Cut-to-size materials (decorative grille, mesh, rattan, leather and resin) that have been cut-to-size by the manufacturer upon customer request.
  • Mouldings, tambour and any other 96” pieces that have been cut to reduce shipping charges by the manufacturer upon customer request.
  • Stock columns, feet or legs that have been custom-serviced (notched, split, cut, bolted, routed, bored, etc.) by the manufacturer upon customer request.
  • Any products considered to be custom in size, design, length, species, etc. (items of this type are specified at the time of quoting/order).
  • Any separately purchased products containing a color, grain, finish or texture inconsistency (products coming from separate production runs that may vary in appearance).
  • Any products included in a Large-Order Agreement run.
  • Products that have been painted, cut, scratched, dented, chipped, installed, sanded, finished, glued, taped, drilled or altered in any way from its original condition or form. NOTE: always confirm and inspect the items you receive prior to performing any form of installation or modification. This automatically cancels return eligibility.
  • Products that have been damaged due to customer influence or any actions outside of the manufacturer’s own.
  • Product that was received by the customer more than 30 days prior to attempted return request.

Exceptions apply in the following scenarios (if return is requested within 30 days):

  • Cut-to-size materials cut by the manufacturer per customer request that are not to the customer’s requested sizes.
  • Products that are not within spec, of inadequate quality, missing parts, are the wrong item (in species, finish, size, design, profile, etc.) – regardless of any manufacturer-performed custom cuts, production or service.
  • Custom products that do not match quoted specifications or quality.

Items Damaged/Lost in Shipping:

Once product is turned over from us to a carrier, our accountability ceases. Prior to this, we take every action necessary to assure product is packaged securely and packaging integrity is of the highest standard.

Our carriers are nearly always able to successfully deliver products we send to customers without any issues related to damage or misplacement. However, exceptions to this do occur and we recommend customers follow the procedures below.

  • Insist that any visible damage to packaging be indicated on all copies of the freight bill for LTL shipments or signed on UPS/FedEx receipts.
  • Always carefully open received packages within 14 days of receipt.
  • Always thoroughly inspect received product, regardless of packaging condition, for damage of any kind.
  • Always account for all quantities and components included with received product.
  • Bring received shipments into safe, cool and temperate spaces as soon as possible.

If you have questions about items lost or damaged in shipping, please reach out to 800-328-5858 or email us at orders@brownwoodinc.com.


Brown Wood Products Company and its brand Designs of Distinction warrants to the original purchaser (the “Purchaser”), that its products (the “Products”) will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year following the date of delivery to the Purchaser.

This warranty shall only apply to the products used under normal use and service for personal, family and household purposes. This warranty does not cover damages which result from neglect, accident, misuse, alteration, acts of nature, normal wear and tear, exposure to extreme temperature or humidity, or immersion in water. Our products are intended solely for indoor use.

The obligation of Brown Wood Products Company under this warranty is limited, at the option of Brown Wood Products Company, to repair or replacement of the Products with products of equal or similar type and quality, if available. Brown Wood’s liability shall not exceed the replacement cost of our products and shall not include any consequential damages. Any defects in either material or workmanship must be reported to Brown Wood Products Company within 30 days of observing such defect and shall not exceed one year after the date of delivery- this will also not include any consequential damages. The classification of a component within warranty terms will coincide only with how the item was sold, meaning finishes applied after the sale will not be in conjunction with the warranty terms.

Unfinished Wood Components

Prompt and proper sealing/finishing is essential to maintain wood stability. Sealing the ends of product will reduce the chance of cracking due to changes in moisture. Exposing wood to extreme temperatures or humidity can diminish wood integrity and will void this warranty. Fading or color variations over time, scratches and minor variations in size shall not be considered defects. Variations in wood color, grain pattern or other natural wood and stain characteristics are not considered defects and are not covered by this warranty. Unfinished wood should only be cleaned using a dry cotton cloth or compressed air.

Pre-Finished Wood Components

Fading or deterioration of finish over time is natural when using finishes and is not covered under this warranty. Peeling or discoloration caused by harsh cleaning solutions is also not eligible. Finished products can be cleaned with a cotton cloth, warm water and simple soap- free of ammonia, alcohol or any other abrasive chemical. Removal of any finish automatically shall void this warranty.

Unlacquered Brass Components

Unlacquered Brass Components are considered to have a “live” outer finish and will develop a layer of oxidized tarnish with blue/green variants along the surface (sometimes referred to as a patina) over time. This can only be avoided by promptly applying a layer of sealing lacquer to the outer layer of the brass. Oxidation, scratches or discoloration due to allowing the brass to not be lacquered is not covered by the warranty. Unlacquered Brass Components can be cleaned of patina using approved cleaning agents and a cotton cloth.

Solid Tambour Panels

Solid Tambour Panels are prone to cracking and warping. To assure panels maintain their integrity and condition, store panels in a temperate area and allow weight (such as plywood) to remain on top of the panels while they lay flat. Solid Tambour Panels that may warp or crack over time are not covered by this warranty.

Lacquered Brass Components

Lacquered Brass Components may show signs of minor color tone change, but should not show signs of oxidation over time – when properly maintained. Lacquered brass should be wiped free of all fingerprints, dust and other contaminants (to avoid harming the layer of sealant) with a cotton cloth. Tarnishes due to fingerprints, oil, cleaners, paper/synthetic cloths and any external substances is not covered by the warranty. The removal or addition of lacquer to any Lacquered Brass Components automatically shall void this warranty.

Electroplated Components

Electroplated Components may have variability in color and appearance due to the nature of the electroplating process. Electroplated products, such as our decorative grille and meshes, may have noticeable variance in color when produced at different times. Likewise, electroplated products (specifically those purchased during separate transactions or spanning different product models) cannot be guaranteed to have a seamless color match and are not covered within this warranty.

Anodized Aluminum Components

Anodized Aluminum Components are resistant to rust and deterioration when exposed to reasonable amounts of moisture. However, prolonged exposure to moisture and heat can compromise the aluminum’s integrity in both color and strength. Anodized Aluminum Components should be cleaned regularly with a cotton cloth, warm water and simple soap; they should also be promptly dried once cleaning is over. Aluminum allowed to remain without prompt and proper care will not be covered under this warranty.

UHB Tape and Designer DripEdge™

Designer DripEdge™ must be applied using all standard UHB Tape procedures. DripEdge ™ must be regularly cleaned/dried to assure components integrity. Any DripEdge™ considered to be improperly maintained will not be covered under warranty.

UHB Tape should only be applied to components and fixtures that are assuredly free of all dust, dirt, moisture, chipping paint and other compromising debris. UHB Tape must also be applied and held with reasonable amounts of pressure for at least 45 seconds to be considered attached.  UHB Tape’s integrity can only be guaranteed when used in parallel applications – meaning applications using UHB Tape to suspend an item from a ceiling are not recommended and are not covered under warranty. Failure to properly apply UHB Tape – whether in terms of pre-application treatment negligence, improper adhesion procedure to components/surfaces or improper use/application – shall void warranty terms for the UHB Tape and the component.

Gallery Rail Components are intended for display purposes only and are not designed/manufactured for use beyond that. Damage to components, fixtures, personal property or surfaces due to misutilization of Gallery Rail Components are not covered by warranty.

Samples/Sample Kits

Sample and Sample Kits are intended solely for viewing and example purposes and should under no circumstances be used in a practical manner. Sample pieces should not be installed, applied or used for the sake of being a finished good. Any use of samples beyond viewing and example purposes will void warranty terms.

Sample pieces may vary in size, shape, color and look compared to their finished good counterparts and points of variance are not covered by this warranty.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials are materials containing elements that are naturally existing or recycled outside of the manufacturing process. This includes varieties of rattan, resin, leather and mesh. These materials are more susceptible to fading, discoloration, deterioration, peeling, loosening and general damage – due to ware, aging, use or environmental factors. These materials and their respective changes over time are not covered by this warranty.

Assembled/Installed Components and Materials

All assembly/installation of products, regardless of if the respective item is considered a “finished good,” “component” or “material”, should exclusively be performed a licensed professional(s). Any assembly/installation performed by anyone besides a licensed professional will be considered a violation of these warranty terms and will immediately void the respective product’s warranty eligibility.

Likewise, products should only be assembled/installed in a recommended fashion as outlined in instruction documents provided by the manufacturer. Assembly/installation performed in a manner that is not recommended or in contradiction to the available instruction documents will immediately void warranty terms.

Reconfiguration or repurposing of products in the process of assembly/installation is also a violation of warranty terms and will void the warranty immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, the whole product, individual components that are part of a kit/set, materials, fasteners, adhesive materials or personal protective equipment.