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by Jenny Rhead

Trending… Sustainable, Organic, & Earthy

At Designs of Distinction®, we work tirelessly to bring trending components and materials to market. 2024 Trend Reports reveal that sustainable, organic, and earthy materials are at the top of mind for today’s buyers who want to recreate the harmony of nature indoors. Our materials – including American-made hardwood tambour, handwoven organic rattan, recycled leather panels, to name a few – incorporate earthy details to the final finishing touch.

Left to Right: Grained Leather, Natural Leaf Resin, White Oak, Hex Rattan, Botanical Resin, Square Rattan, Pebbled Leather, Tambour, Walnut

NKBA’s 2024 Kitchen Trends Report

Today, we’ll discuss NKBA‘s 2024 Kitchen Trends Report and how DOD stays ahead of emerging trends with materials, components, and more. We’re incredibly excited to share the report’s findings, not only because the emerging trends and themes are exciting, but also because we’re on trend with recent additions to our product line.

Specifically, we’re thrilled to see changes in Kitchen islands – multi-functional, hard-working islands designed for gathering, cooking, storage, and more. The changes in taste, from waterfall-style islands to islands that feel like furniture, brings back the notion that the Kitchen is the heart of the home, and islands are the heart of the kitchen.

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Emerging themes in the 2024 NKBA Kitchen Trends report
• Kitchens: A Connection to the Outdoors
• Kitchens: Islands are the Heart of the Kitchen
• Kitchens: Increased Focus on Sustainability
• Kitchens: Other Emerging Themes
• On Trend with DOD in 2024: Trending Materials & Components for Organic Designs
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Emerging Themes in the 2024 Kitchen Trends Report

National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) released its annual Design Trends reports in two waves – Kitchen and Bath Trends. Today, we’re focusing on the Kitchen Trends report.

NKBA identified seven emerging Kitchen themes in the 2024 Kitchen Trends report, released on October 2, 2023, revealing homeowners desire the following in their new or remodeled Kitchen spaces:

  • A connection to the outdoors – bringing the outside in
  • Innovative & personalized designs
  • Minimalist designs that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Islands as the heart of the kitchen – with seating for social gatherings
  • A dedicated space for wellness & nutrition
  • Increased focus on sustainability
  • Thoughtfully curated lighting and décor

With this in mind, Designs of Distinction is at the forefront of emerging trends, with a variety of sustainable and organic materials available to incorporate in your designs for today’s knowledgeable and eco-conscious buyers.

Featuring Rattan, Metallic Accent Trim in Satin Brass, and Furniture Feet w/Ferrules

Kitchens: A Connection to the Outdoors

According to the 2024 Trend Report, homeowners desire to bring the outdoors in, creating a connection to the outdoors in the Kitchen. NKBA notes creating a connection to the outdoors in the Kitchen can be accomplished through:

  • Adding larger windows, glass doors, or window walls to bring in natural light and landscape views,
  • Incorporating organic and natural design themes,
  • Layering warmer whites, earthy greens, and wood tones to create a sense of calm and harmony,
  • Warmer metals like gold and flat black,
  • Natural high texture wood and wood patterns on cabinets.

NKBA quotes an anonymous survey response, “Textures will also mimic nature, with more reeded styles for cabinetry.” Textured, reeded styles on cabinetry vastly contradicts sleek cabinetry styles, which is something we’re excited to see come to fruition at Designs of Distinction.

Per CB2, Organic and natural design “is an approach which places emphasis on utilizing natural materials, greenery, sustainable textiles, curved lines, and warming colors”. Blending minimalism with nature’s beauty, Organic Design was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright who “believed in creating harmony between people and nature.” In architecture, Organic Design achieves “a perfect balance between the manmade and natural worlds.” CB2 identifies six elements of organic modern style – form, color, materials, texture, layers, and natural elements.

Organic Design means embracing imperfections of wood and other natural materials. Utilizing our materials like Jute, Flexible Tambour, and Rattan bring in natural elements with organic shapes and an earthy essence. Modernize Organic Design with contrasting metallic finishes like Satin Brass, Brushed Aluminum, Antique Brass, and more.

Pictured: Hex Rattan, Botanical Resin, Metallic Accent Trim, Decorative Grille 315C in Satin Brass, Decorative Grille DK08 in Antique Brass, Jute, Pebbled Leather, and Gallery Rail Post

Kitchens: Islands are the Heart of the Kitchen

NKBA’s 2024 Kitchen Trends reports Islands designed for seating, entertaining, and gathering will become increasingly popular. This includes:

  • Kitchen islands are a gathering place in the home allowing for socializing, school or work during meal prep and clean up.
  • Islands are getting larger with new features to help with storage, managing electronics, seating, meal prep, clean up.
  • In addition to functional needs, islands are becoming a design focal point with different color cabinetry and/or countertop than the surround.
  • Lighting over the island is also more likely to take on a statement role, relative to other kitchen lighting.

An anonymous survey response quotes, “Islands will become the kitchen tables for multigenerational gatherings.”

Perhaps the top takeaway from the report is the expanded focus on hard-working islands. Islands have become the gathering, work, storage, prep, cook, serving, and dining space in the home. With various activities happening around the island, increased focus is on functionality, comfort, and easy-to-clean materials.

Creating a multi-functional island begins from the ground up – starting with island supports that allow room for seating. Supports like Columns, X-Panels, and Base Shapes (pictured below, premiering at KBIS 2024) are not only functional, but also add personality to the island.

The multi-functional island also needs storage. Blend storage into the design with Cut-to-Size Materials (decorative grilles, rattan and resin, to name a few), hardwood shelving or brass bistro shelving, and gallery rail.

Incorporate soft metallic accents and wood accessories to bring eyes to the new focal point of the kitchen – the island.

Featuring new Base Shape for use with Tambour – Premiering at KBIS 2024

Kitchens: Increased Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability is an increasingly important factor when selecting products for the kitchen; homeowners, designers, and manufacturers are driving the trend towards sustainable materials, appliances, faucets, lighting, flooring, and more. NKBA lists top ways to focus on sustainability including:

  • Built in recycling storage
  • Long lasting products that reduce the need for replacement
  • Selecting energy efficient/water conserving products
  • Donating old kitchen cabinets and appliances

We stock several eco-friendly and sustainable materials to embellish the organically design Kitchen. While rattan, resins and hardwood components come to mind, metallic accent components – specifically anodized aluminum components – are surprisingly eco-friendly, too.

Our anodized aluminum components (metal sleeves and ferrules, toe kick feet w/sleeves, metallic accent trim, and Designer DripEdge™) are made in the USA from unique aluminum alloys. Designed to achieve bright finishes and colors, this alloy is the preferred choice for anodizing trim and components used in interior applications.

Aluminum is a sustainable material, contributing to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for its “cradle to cradle” lifecycle and absence of air polluting VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It can be recycled repeatedly again without compromise as there is no “end of life” for aluminum components. For more information on our aluminum components, please see the “Product FAQ – Aluminum Components” section on our FAQ page.

Along the lines of “built in recycling storage” and “long lasting products that reduce the need for replacement,” we recently introduced the Designer DripEdge™ – a component designed to protect garbage can pull-out cabinets.

Designer DripEdge

With our DripEdge profile, the top edge of garbage can pull-outs is protected against moisture, harsh cleaning solutions, splatters, and messes. Reduce the need for future cabinet/cabinet door replacements with the Designer DripEdge.

Similarly, our Columns w/Metal Sleeves, Feet and Legs w/Ferrules, and Toe Kick feet are protected by aluminum sleeves or ferrules. Typically, moisture from cleaning and kitchen messes can seep up through the columns or feet creating warpage and damage. With the protection of aluminum sleeves, wood components are not directly subject to moisture on the floor and will last longer both in function and beauty.

Featuring Columns w/Metal Sleeves

Kitchens: Other Emerging Themes

NKBA identifies additional emerging themes in the Kitchen – Minimalistic designs that are easy to maintain, dedicated spaces for wellness and nutrition, innovative personalized designs, and well curated lighting. Homeowners desire new Kitchen features, noting:

  • Islands with appliance drawers, charging areas, sinks and dining areas
  • Walk-in pantries and butler’s pantry to get clutter off the countertop
  • Textured and patterned wood finishes on cabinets
  • Countertops including quartz and engineered materials with honed/matte finishes
  • Solid surface backsplashes that are integrated with countertops
  • Flooring made of easy to maintain materials like luxury vinyl and engineered hardwood
  • Convertible refrigeration with drawers
  • Integrated cooking appliances with multiple cooking functions
  • Dishwashers with new features like 3rd rack and ultra-quiet settings
  • Workstation sinks with cutting boards, drying racks, and strainers
  • Matte and brushed gold, stainless, and black faucets
  • Customizable lighting with presets for mood lighting, mobile app control, and in drawer lighting

It seems the white/grey Kitchen with a massive waterfall island is in the past, something we’re particularly excited about at Designs of Distinction. We’re proud to offer a line of trending components and materials, many of which were directly mentioned in NKBA’s 2024 Kitchen Trend Report.

Materials & Components for Organic Designs


Our Rattan is carefully woven by hand from organic cane fibers in traditional Vietnamese fashion, with no additives or preservatives. Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, Rattan can be used in a wide variety of projects – furniture, lighting, decorative screening, and more.

Rattan can be painted or stained, but if you prefer the natural look, we recommend coating with mineral oil or linseed oil.

Shipped in rolls or Cut-to-Size based on your specifications, Rattan invites natural material & tone to your designs.


We carry 3 Resin styles – Natural Leaf, Botanical, and White Linen. Natural and authentic materials, color, and texture are layered in GREENGUARD® certified polyester-based resin, creating a material that’s soft to the touch and soft on the eyes.

Resin makes an unexpected and unique way to conceal what’s inside cabinets, closets, and more. Add a touch of both luxury and character to your designs by using Resins instead of glass in cabinetry and furniture.

Sold as sheets (24″W x 48″H or 48″W x 48″H) or Cut-to-Size based on your specifications.

Pebbled & Grained Leather

Achieve the ultimate organic texture with Pebbled or Grained Leather Panels. Our eco-friendly leather veneers are made with layers of 100% recycled leather fibers and coated with resin for durability and preservation.

Leather veneer panels can replace traditional wood veneers, adding luxurious texture where plain wood veneers would typically be used.

Sold as sheets (24″W x 48″H or 48″W x 48″H) or Cut-to-Size based on your specifications. Available in 4 finishes – bright white, espresso, walnut, and flat black.

Hardwood Solid & Flexible Tambour

Tambour” gets its name from a medieval drum – the tambourine. In modern terms, Tambour refers to a method of fastening closely-spaced pieces of wood on a flexible backing. The linear arrangement of wooden slats resembles the cords on a Tambour drum. Due to its flexible nature, Tambour has been the material choice for roll-top desk covers, vintage wine cabinets, humidors, and more.

Today, Tambour is in demand for a wide variety of applications. Design a curved accent wall covered in Tambour, a functional pocket-style door, or use a solid Tambour panel on the face of cabinetry for effortless natural texture in your next project.

Solid & flexible profiles are available in a variety of sizes, species, and styles. Custom Tambour profiles available upon request.

Metallic Accent Trim

Made in the USA from anodized aluminum, Metallic Trim infuses a burst of brilliance and subtle color to Organic Design styles.

Warmer metals like satin brass, flat black, and satin stainless play well with earthy greens and natural wood tones. Adding a simple decorative aluminum strap can personalize designs in an understated yet eye-catching way.

We carry six Metallic Accent Trim profiles in seven finishes (soon to be 8 finishes with the addition of Titanium in 2024), sold in 72″ lengths. Custom sizes and finishes available.

Designer DripEdge™

Created to protect garbage can pull-out doors from splatters, drips, and messes, the DripEdge comes in 4 sizes and 3 finishes.

The angled trim pieces were designed specifically to fit over the top edge of garbage can pull-out doors. These 7/8″ angles provide a 1/32″ edge on the face, which means drips, splatters, and cleaning solutions don’t sit on the top of your door. DripEdge profiles include double-sided ultra-high bond tape for easy installation.

Reduce the need for future cabinet/cabinet door replacements with the Designer DripEdge. Custom sizes & finishes available.

Textured Hardwood Shelves

Add functional and aesthetically pleasing storage with our Textured or Contemporary Floating Shelves. Made in the USA from American Hardwoods, Floating Shelves come complete with a hidden shelf bracket(s) and installation instructions.

Linear or corner shelves are available in a variety of sizes and wood species. Custom sizes and species available.

Brass Bistro Shelving

Elevate your designs with the sophistication of Brass Bistro Shelving, adding a touch of luxury.

Flush, Traditional, and Cantilever Bistro Shelving Kits stocked in Lacquered Polished Brass & Satin Brass, with 8 custom finishes available.

Custom finishes range from bright polished nickel to antique copper and deep matte black. Order a Bistro Sample Kit to see all finishes we offer.

Or, create your own custom Bistro Shelving unit! We offer Built-to-Order Bistro Shelving in multiple configurations. View the Custom Bistro Shelving Order Form here.

Hardwood Finishing Touches

Incorporate earthy details to the final finishing touch with hardwood vents & outlet covers, mouldings, shiplap, and more.

No design is complete without the finishing touches, down to the last outlet and vent cover.

What do YOU think of the 2024 Kitchen Trends Report? We’ve opened the comments for your feedback!

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