UHB Tape

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  • Double-sided tape, with acrylic-based adhesive, ideal for use with our metal bars, trim and strapping.
  • Thickness of just 1 mm and a clear look when applied – perfect for a seamless appearance.
  • Provides secure hold against both heat and weight, when properly applied.

UHB (Ultra High Bond) tape is a double-sided tape designed for securely attaching items to a surface. This makes the tape perfect for use with our metal bars, trim and strapping. When properly applied, this tape can withstand reasonable amounts of tension and heat while still keeping your component safely in place. It also has a minimal thickness of just 1 mm and goes on clear, which makes it ideal for a seamless look. Made of an acrylic-based adhesive with a polyester film.

  • Includes pealable film to make application easy.
  • Country of Origin: USA

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