Hand Carved Smooth Bella Bun Feet w/Hanger Bolt

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  • Finely crafted from North American Hardwoods. Sanded, ready to finish with stain or paint.
  • 3.75" Diameter x 8"H with 5/16-18" hanger bolt protruding .75".
  • Complements Classic Revival, Madeline, and Victorian design styles.

With hand carved details, the 8″ Bella Bun Foot will enhance your Madeline style with a modern touch. Available in smooth or fluted finish, the tall 8″ Bella Bun Foot is the perfect adornment for seating, chests, bed frames, and other choice furniture pieces. Establish a theme using all wood and metal components from the Classic Revival Collection. *Also available as a stock component without a hanger bolt.*

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