Furniture Components

by skirkwood

Furniture Findings by Designs of Distinction is featuring American Made Walnut, Ash and Maple furniture parts for the both large and small furniture makers. Metal accents including hand-woven grille, ferrules and sleeves in metallic finishes and stainless steel, as well as wrought iron table bases are just some of the stock parts available to furniture manufacturers and custom woodworkers. Rounding out the line is an assortment of acrylic and chrome products that perfectly fit today’s contemporary buyer.

With stock components from Furniture Findings, you can design a complete table suite using matching components. Styles range from Mid-Century Modern to Traditional turned designs and sizes from include 4,5”, 9”, 18”, 24” and 29” heights. Many styles are available pre-finished, and with an installation hangar bolt pre-installed, allowing you to quickly update a restoration piece or create something completely new.

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