Employee Feature Series: Eli A

by Jenny Rhead

We firmly believe in the idea that a company is only as good as its people. As a small business, each employee at Designs of Distinction plays an important role in our day-to-day operations.

We’re kicking off a series of Employee Features, not only to show appreciation for our employees, but also because we want you to know who’s who and what they do at Designs of Distinction. This week, we’re featuring one of our Customer Service reps, Mimi R.

We’ve asked our employees a series of questions to kick off our “get to know us” campaign, so let’s get started!

Introducing: Eli A.

How long have you been with Designs of Distinction?

I have been with Designs of Distinction® for over two years now. I joined the company back in March 2021 – right when the world was beginning to truly open up again.


What does your job entail?

Everything! I’m primarily here to oversee our online distributor accounts. However, I also manage our website, assist in merchandising and create product content. Oh yeah, I’m also the company’s rattan expert, local IT specialist and even get my hands dirty (or dusty) in the workshop. I also can’t go without mentioning my position as unofficial resident comedian.


What is your favorite part of the job?

The people. My family and friends are a long drive away from me and I live alone in a big city. I consider the folks at Designs of Distinction® to be the closest thing I have to family here. It’s a lot easier to go to the same place everyday when you like the people waiting there for you.


Who/what is your biggest inspiration in the company?

I’m inspired to see more growth. Even in the time I’ve been with the company, I’ve seen a lot of positive change. When you are able to see the work you put in lead to quantifiable results, that gives you pride in what you do and drives you to do even more. Do champions get their rings and just take it easy the next season? No! They want to win more. I want Designs of Distinction to be the 90s Chicago Bulls of the decorative component world.


Describe Designs of Distinction company culture in a few words:

“Be willing to pivot.” Not a single person here does just one thing. I can’t remember the last time I came to work and did exactly what I expected to do. But that’s what makes it exciting. I think it’s a lot more exciting to not know what’s in store for you on a given day.


What’s your hidden talent?

I’m a really good cook. Not many people know this, because I don’t often cook for many people. But years ago, I made it a goal to cook in a manner that was elevated and with finesse – thanks to the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Anthony Bourdain. In that time, I’ve gotten pretty good at preparing cuts of steak, leg of lamb and even pizza entirely from scratch.


What show are you obsessed with right now?

Lately I’ve really enjoyed watching The Last of Us. I played the videogame years ago and seeing this adaptation of it is incredible. Plus, Pedro Pascal might be the best drama-series actor of our time.


Anything else?

My best advice: be good and look out for other people. All else will work itself out.


Thanks to Eli for his time & insight into what it’s like being an Online Marketplace Manager for Designs of Distinction. Next, we introduce Kathy C., our Vice President. Stay tuned to meet Kathy!

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