Employee Feature Series: Mimi R

by Jenny Rhead

We firmly believe in the idea that a company is only as good as its people. As a small business, each employee at Designs of Distinction plays an important role in our day-to-day operations.

We’re kicking off a series of Employee Features, not only to show appreciation for our employees, but also because we want you to know who’s who and what they do at Designs of Distinction. This week, we’re featuring one of our Customer Service reps, Mimi R.

We’ve asked our employees a series of questions to kick off our “get to know us” campaign, so let’s get started!

Introducing: Mimi R.

How long have you been with Designs of Distinction?

2 years – I started during the spring of 2021.


What does your job entail?

Customer service – answering phones & live chat on our website, entering orders, key account management, etc. I also fulfill all the sample kit orders, which has become a bigger part of my job as our sample program continues to grow.


What is your favorite part of the job?

The people! The leadership team is stellar. They are thoughtful, kind, generous, and encourage autonomy. We have a great team all-around, no jerks in the bunch :).


Who is your biggest inspiration in the company?

Kathy Constantine, our VP. She is a very positive person, encourages creativity, and truly enjoys interacting with all her employees.


Describe Designs of Distinction company culture in a few words:

Supportive, respectful, trusting, motivating, autonomous, collaborative.


What’s your hidden talent?

I can put together/assemble any IKEA product!


What show are you obsessed with right now?

Top Chef and Ted Lasso.


Thanks to Mimi for her time & insight into what it’s like being a Customer Service Rep for Designs of Distinction. Next, we introduce Eli A., our Online Marketplace Manager. Stay tuned to meet Eli!

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