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  • These Square Country French wood columns add an updated feel to a tried and true classic. The perfect addition to your Traditional or Transitional designs and available with or without a window route for added detail.
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  • Square columns with metal sleeves give you the best of contemporary, urban, and industrial design. Clean and simple, with a mix of materials. Pins or nails are not required to attach the sleeve to the leg – simply glue it on for a flush, clean finish. .
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  • Fun and whimsical, the Infinity Crown Insert is ornate and dignified. With unique, delicate carved details, the Infinity Crown Insert is beautiful on it's own or combined with our Flat Panel or Create-A-Crown® Moulding.
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  • Did you know all of our components are sanded by hand? We sand to a smooth 180 grit so products are ready to paint or stain right out of the box. 👌