Designs of Distinction joins NBMDA

by Jenny Rhead

New NBMDA Membership

Designs of Distinction® recently joined NBMDA – the North American Building Material Distribution Association. With this new membership, we’re aiming to reach new commercial and residential trade professionals. Additionally, we plan to unveil a brand new Distributor Program at the 2023 NBMDA Annual Convention this November.

Per NBMDA’s website, “NBMDA is a trade association representing the leading wholesale distributors of specialty building materials for interiors including wood panels, decorative surfaces, cabinet hardware, finishes/stains and related woodworking production supplies.” NBMDA membership is comprised of distributors and suppliers that serve businesses in a myriad of industries including cabinetry, architectural woodwork, store fixtures, specialty woodworking, and more, as well as the independent building material, and kitchen and bath dealer. NBMDA “represents a network of distributors and suppliers,” dedicated to developing and promoting effective distribution processes, resulting in member profitability and growth. With this in mind, Designs of Distinction is excited to be amongst industry leading distributors of building materials to both existing and new trade professionals and businesses.

Interested in joining us at the NBMDA Annual Convention? We’d love to chat with you! Please visit the links below to learn more about the NBMDA Annual Convention and to schedule an appointment with us.

  • WHERE: The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO
  • WHEN: November 14-16, 2023 – partner meetings occur on Thursday, November 16. Kathy Constantine, Vice President, will be taking meetings from 9:30A – 5P MST. Schedule a meeting here.
  • WHAT: The NAFCD + NBMDA Annual Convention is the optimal opportunity to invest in the success of your business. At the convention, you have access to top distributors, suppliers and service providers. This gives you the chance to establish new relationships, enhance your business strategy with insights from industry experts and learn about how others are adjusting to the “new normal” of today’s world. Learn more about NBMDA’s Annual Convention here.
  • FEATURED: Materials available for immediate distribution including Metallic Trim, Cut-to-Size Materials, Flexible & Solid Tambour, and Furniture & Cabinet Components. Click here to skip to see Featured Materials at the NBMDA Annual Convention.

Why did Designs of Distinction join NBMDA?

Within the last several years, we’ve refined our product line to serve more industries than ever before. In the past, we’ve targeted cabinet and furniture manufacturers, and while that’s still a priority for Designs of Distinction, we’re realizing our components and materials need to be in the hands of commercial and residential builders and remodelers. NBMDA offers a unique way to reach these new commercial and residential trade partners.

Per Kathy Constantine, Vice President at Brown Wood, Inc: “Our product line is perfectly aligned with the needs of today’s ever-changing commercial and residential design industry.”

With our new NBMDA membership, we plan to unveil a new Distributor Program at the NBMDA Annual Conference in November. Keep in mind that we’re still finalizing the details of our Distributor Program – details listed below are subject to change.

What is the new “Distributor Program”?

We’re finalizing the details on our new Distributor Program, which will be launching at the NBMDA Annual Convention in November 2023. The Distributor Program will include a variety of complimentary support services such as: sample boxes and displays, in-house sales force training, co-op advertising and product discounts, and more. Keep in mind that we’re still finalizing the details of our Distributor Program, and details listed below are subject to change.

Brochures, Catalogs, and Digital Assets:

We’ve revised our Designs of Distinction catalog for YOUR business’ branding. All print assets can be customized with your contact info, and sent as a digital asset or printed copy from your business. Add your contact info, logos, and more to our “blank”/unbranded Designs of Distinction catalog.

Additionally, you will be granted access to all Digital Assets through our Digital Asset Manager [DAM], including all in-use images, dxf’s, dwg’s, pdf’s, installation guides, and more. Through our DAM, you can download assets in a variety of formats – for example, hi-res and print-ready images versus web-ready images – no resizing necessary!

Marketing Support

In addition to our customizable brochures and catalogs, we plan to offer a Marketing Support package valued at $1925. Keep in mind – we’re still finalizing the details of the Distributor Programs, and details listed below are subject to change. The Marketing Support package includes:

  • Materials brochures – 100 of each brochure including: Cut-to-Size Materials, American Hardwood Tambour, Metallic Trim, and more.
  • 1 Showroom Materials Box for sales staff – includes clearly labeled sample pieces of Tambour, Metallic Trim, Decorative Grilles & Mesh, and more; ready to display in any showroom.
  • 10 Tambour Sample Boxes – includes clearly labeled sample Tambour pieces in a variety of wood species.
  • 1 Cut-to-Size Countertop Display Tray w/Cut-to-Size Materials – includes clearly labeled sample pieces of our Cut-to-Size Materials that fit into our new Countertop Display Tray (shown below). Includes a Designs of Distinction cinch bag for travel.
  • Additional sample and display boxes available at reduced costs.
  • And more!!

Cut-to-Size Countertop Display Tray

NEW Countertop Display Tray with room for all our Cut-to-Size Materials samples. Sample pieces are enclosed in an envelope with a window that features how each material would appear in cabinetry and furniture. Envelopes are clearly labeled with style and finish.

Co-op Advertising & Product Discount Programs

We’re creating a co-op advertising program, allowing up to (2) sale periods per year with a 15% discount on select products. Also, 2% of all sales can be used towards the purchase of additional sample kits and marketing materials. It’s a WIN-WIN! More details on co-op advertising and sale periods coming soon!

Sales Force and Customer Service Support

We know our products sell, but they can be complex – which is why we offer to come to you for in-house sales force training. We’ll come to your office and/or showroom to train your sales force and customer service on our components and materials so they have the knowledge to confidently sell Designs of Distinction products. We’ll come prepared with a presentation, samples, brochures, and more; we’ve traveled the country training sales people on our catalog and have seen an increase in sales when sales people feel knowledgeable about our product line.

When on-boarded to the Distributor Program, you’ll have a dedicated Designs of Distinction Customer Service Representative. Our Customer Service Representatives have the expertise to handle any inquiry with a timely response.

Last, but not least, joining our Distributor Program means you’ll have a Partners Page on our website. We’re finalizing the details on what this will look like, however; your logo, contact information, and any additional details you want the world to know will be front and center of the Partners Page(s).

Interested in learning more about our new Distributor Program? Sign up now to be the first to know when the program officially launches!

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Featured Materials at NBMDA

At the NBMDA Annual Convention in November, we’re featuring a variety of our most popular materials available for distribution as soon as TODAY! Materials available for immediate distribution include Metallic Trim, Cut-to-Size Materials, Flexible & Solid Tambour, and a wide variety of furniture and cabinet components.

Top Left: .25″ x .75″ Decorative Aluminum Bar in Chrome, Top Right: .25″ Decorative Aluminum Bar, Bottom: Designer DripEdge™

Featured: Decorative Grille Style #11614P

Flexible & Solid Tambour Profiles for Residential and Commercial Industries

Thousands of wood and metal components in-stock and ready to ship TODAY! Top Left: Lexington Bar Bracket, Top Right: Steel X-Base, Bottom Left: Wright Column w/Detachable Foot, Bottom Right: 3″ Column w/Aluminum Sleeve

We’re incredibly excited about our new NBMDA membership! Don’t forget – if you’ll be at the NBMDA Annual Convention this November, schedule an appointment to become a partner and discuss Designs of Distinction’s materials and components available for distribution.

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