New Finishes for Metallic Accents

by Jenny Rhead

Our line of Metallic Accents just got better! We’ve added 2 new finishes – Satin Stainless and Polished Brass.

Our line of Metallic Accents includes decorative trim, bars, straps, L-channels, sleeves & ferrules. From bright chromes to brass to black, Metallic Accent components now come in 7 finishes. All aluminum Metallic Accent components match each other, so you can pair trim & other components without worrying about color matching. For example, a Brushed Aluminum Sleeve will match a Brushed Aluminum L-channel.

Metallic Accents are made from anodized aluminum. What does anodizing mean?

  • Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.
  • Finishes are not applied like paint or plating – finishes are fully integrated to aluminum substrate, so it cannot chip or peel.
  • Anodizing is accomplished by immersing aluminum into a “bath” with a cathode to complete the oxidation process & create the finish.
  • Anodizing is environmentally friendly, too – anodizing does not generate hazardous waste or EPA-listed toxins.
  • Anodized aluminum components are easy to clean with any non-ammonia based cleaner.

All of this to say – anodized aluminum components can withstand kitchen & bath messes. Durable in structure & finish, aluminum components are ideal to add metallic accent to your kitchen, bath, and furniture designs.

Metallic Accent Trim

Whether your looking to protect cabinetry from messes (like a garbage can pull-out), or you want to add mixed materials & color, Metallic Accent Trim provides a unique & easy way to put the finishing touches on your designs.

Trimmable on-site, Metallic Accent Trim is applied to cabinetry & furniture with double-sided UHB tape.

Sample Kits Available!

Our newly revamped sample program allows you to order both color chips & 12″ trim samples. Click here to see all sample kits.

Color Inspiration for Satin Stainless & Polished Brass Accents

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