Mounting Plates

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  • Our straight mounting plate makes installation of new furniture feet and legs a breeze.
  • Our new furniture feet and legs with pre-installed 5/16-18" hanger bolt will screw perfectly into the mounting plate.
  • More product details and drawings available in the downloads tab.

These mounting plates can help strengthen and/or repair new or existing furniture by attaching them to the bottom of the furniture frame. The 5/16-18″ bolts, pre-installed in our new furniture legs and feet, will fit perfectly into these top plates.

Build, refinish, or update your tables, ottomans, sofas, seating, and more by installing mounting plates and screwing in new legs & feet.

Convert European furniture to accept a standard 5/16-18″ US hanger bolt by screwing the plates over the existing hole in the furniture. Update or refurbish your existing furniture pieces with our mounting plates and new line of furniture feet & legs.

  • The straight mounting plates will mount your furniture legs at a 90-degree angle to the furniture base.
  • For refinishing and updating European furniture, simply attach the mounting plate over an existing hole, and screw in a leg or foot with a pre-installed 5-16-18" hanger bolt.
  • Installation screws included.
  • Country of Origin: China

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